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Winner of the MEandREEKIE skull botties...

Brooke said...
Gory wants the black and white skull ones, of course!

NOVEMBER 28, 2009 9:14 PM

Winner of "The Toddler Cafe"

babyuno said...
I love to make toast, then put peanut butter, cinnamon and lightly sprinkle some sugar on it! They love it as a little after school snack :)

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You NEED this bib from Evelyn Kate - Free giveaway!

Wow - can I saw wow? Because this is definitely a wow kinda giveaway... I first started talking to EvelynKate back in MAY about a giveaway... BEcause I saw her shop and just fell in love... one thing led to another and we got off track and it didnt happen. Recently I contacted her about joining into the Gwen Stefani gift basket that I helped Melissa at Little Peanut Boutique host... she was thrilled to join in and we started talking again about the giveaway... and guess what, its happening... right... now... :)

I could tell just from the photos, that the quality coming out of this shop was amazing... Take a second to check it out... They have everything from standard waterproof bibs... to shirt bibs (my new favorites)... Diaper Duty's... Pacifinders... and more. Each item looks equally amazing... and seeing it in person just verified it even more. This week we got to try out one of their amazing shirt bibs. They come in a HUGe variety of prints... from modern... to retro... to my true loves ( skulls & bones :)

Lucky us, we got to try the amazing Regent Skulls print... ( again my favorite ) Upon trying this bib out, I have found my new obsession... and lemmie tell ya why.
#1: The bib is made to perfection... and im picky... Not a single stitch is out of place. Is amazing.
#2: Its full coverage... not like a bib that hits about the bottom of the ribs... so even the messiest eaters stay clean.
#3: BEcause its full coverage... Zavery ( who usually rips off bibs) doesn't even notice it, because its really like a tshirt.
#4: You can choose from three sizes of the bib... Size Large worked great for both Izzaq & Zavery @ ages 2 & 3 and will work for a long while yet...
#5: At the bottom is a little pocket... so that way the tumbly crumblies dont hit the floor or your lap.
#6: My favorite part, you dont even have to wash it... just grab a wet rag and wipe it down... you only need a couple to rotate... not a ton like most regular bibs that you have to wash over and over.
How great does this bib really work? See for yourself...

Notice the yogurt dripping down the front of Zave's cutesy So Cal Baby shirt...

and then notice the nice sparkly clean izzaq... :)
There is no way that he could get messy with that bib on! Do you know what this does for my life with 2 toddler boys!? Well, I was so beyond thrilled with this product that I ran out and bought another one :)

Did I mention it was even on sale!? I got this awesome bib for just $12.50 and now its only $12!!!

So, a little recap... its really hard for me to be passionate about finding a baby item... my whole business is based around baby items... and I can pretty much make anything I need... and if I cant? My girl Brooke can, haha But these bibs, I really totally 1,000% support them and what they do. To be completely honest, I wish I had thought of it first, haha. So go... shop... check out her store... buy if you can, i promose you wont regret it. Everything is totally reasonably priced... And they even have a nice Clearance section. Ill even give you an extra entry if you buy :) Oh, speaking of which.......... you probably want to know what you win!!
This weeks winner gets two prizes! A whopping $40 value. You get: One of the amazing t-shirt bibs in the Day of the Dead print below. Totally awesome and perfectly unisex so everyone is invited!

Also - the Diaper Duty... which we didnt talk much about... heres a clip from the listing...
"Our bag features a button closure and a snap on the strap to allow you to attach the bag to a stroller bar!
The bag holds:
*A red toile oilcloth changing pad 12"x16"(included)that folds up to fit inside (this is a compact pad meant to be placed under baby's lower half)
*your wipes case
*about 2-3 diapers"
Your prize:

Love it? Good, now go enter to win!
Extra entries?? But of course :)

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#5) Buy something from EvelynKate! Tell us what you got!
#6) Fan US on Facebook...
#7) Heart Their shop!!
#8) Heart/Favorite your favorite item in their Etsy Shop!! Spread that Etsy love!
#9) Go Bump this etsy thread! Then come back here an comment!!
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FAVORITES Friday: Lime Green & Black

This is my favorite part about blogging... I actually find myself looking forward to doing it... yay! And, it seems like people appreciate the feature on a popular blog as well... so I guess its a win win!

#1) CABfayre: Ummm..... can we say awesome? I dont even know what else to say... seriously... skulls... lime green... black... a little bling... chains... CHAINS!? im in love...

#2) Divokc: @StuffByXtine was part one of decision for the Lime & Black theme this week... so no doubt we had to get her in here! And look what I found! Super duper cute little lime & black argyle halloween magnets!! Free shipping on all Halloween items! Get them quick!

#3) DanzingZebra: Everyone remember the VooDoo Jack giveaway we did way back when? Well they are still EASILY one of my favorites... I STILL have this soap and it gets used all the time... its lasted forever, great stuff... and still makes my diamond all sparkly :)

#4) ANORIGINALJEWELRY: This really might be my new favorite etsy item... I get SO overwhelmed when I look for jewelry on etsy so I usually just DONT. There is too much and its all the same. But this little skull jumped right out at me and screamed... *HEY! YOU LOVE ME* and it was right ;)

#5) RockyTheZombie: My girl Rocky was part 2 in the lime black decision... and her green is a little dark, but she more than deserves a spot in the favorites list today :) If I had to could... I would say I have like...... 8 Rocky shirts for the boys? And i have 4 paintings up in the play room... yeah... i'm probably her biggest fan... I think in 5 years all her shirts will be screen printed and she will be a million year... it could happen. Her stuff is THAT great.

#6) StrawberryCremeKat: While fumbling through Rockys shop... I ran across another store that featured this SUPER rad necklace... I just had to add it in. I LOVE the squishy fake grapes... makes me think of my great grandma... but in a really cool, high fashion, pinup-y kinda way, lol

#7) AForestFrolic: Im a big fan... she has the CUTEST stuff... the best photos... an amazing blog... really, im just blown away by her talents with PAPER! Can you believe the little details? She is the perfect shop to go to when you wannt get some retail therapy... you can buy a ton of things... spend like $10 and find a great use for all of it!

#8) Wonky Rocket: How cute is this shop... well, besides just plain friggen adorable... I think, we need to get them to do a review & giveaway here at the blog... what do you think?Maybe we should all send them a message that says, PLEASE DO A REVIEW/GIVEAWAY @ THE ROCKERBYEBABY BLOG! :)

#9) Stoopidgerl: I heart her... were twitter buds... and facebook buds... and shes having a baby! So everyone go buy something from her shop so she can come buy a ton of stuff from me for the new baby ;) But really, how friggen cool is this skull necklace... she has one in turquoise too and I was just blown away by her creativity... Did you also see how rad her photos are?? Shes like the perfect etsyier... great stuff... great photos... and look at that... almost 2,500 sales... why? Because shes a rock star.

One more important favorite I wanted to mention... www.MiracleDiapers.org

I would LOVE it if some of my many MAMA readers could help out... old diapers... new diapers... money... whatever you can share. They will greatly appreciate it... Ill make a deal with you... If you DONATE 1 Diaper OR $5 to their paypal... I will send you a set of two booger bashers for free. Just Leave a comment here with proof of your donation.

"Past and Future
Miracle Diapers was founded in Oregon in January of 2005 to fill a need. There were many families who wanted to cloth diaper their children for health, economical, and environmental reasons but could not due to financial restrictions. Due to the overwhelming response, Miracle Diapers decided to to open two more chapters by the end of that year. Now, under new management, Miracle Diapers is now in our fourth year of service and looks forward to expanding even further.

Our goal is to someday have representatives all over the United States. Through this we hope to not only be able to serve thousands of families in need, but to be able to educate the public on today’s cloth diapers and therefore helping cloth become more mainstream."

"For Monetary ($) donations, please click here!,"
I just send them $5 its really easy and takes just a few seconds....

Another way to donate... Buy from Rockin Green Soap! "For every purchase of a 90/180 load bag, will donate $5 dollars to Miracle Diapers. "

"If you would like to donate , and you do not live in the area of one of our local drop off locations listed below, please send packages to:
Miracle Diapers Headquarters
23945 Franz Rd., Ste E, #126
Katy, TX 77493

Sending a package?

Donations: Please include a list of the items you are donating, your name, address, and an email address in your package as well as a note stating that it is a donation."
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New Giveaway! 2 ties from RokGear! You pick...


Looking back at my wedding, there is NO DOUBT that RokGear was the biggest thing to "tie" it all together... (get it... lame pun, sorry, lol) I really went out of my way to blend both the classy and pretty w/ the punk rock.. And from what everyone has said... I did a great job. But one HUGE aspect what the guys' ties... Skull & Damask print on red ties (zaq's was on white). They were PERFECTION!

Weren't we a sexy group!?

Both my guys & girls in black... with each just a pop of red... they looked phenomenal.
Classic... simple... and sexy... LOVE IT!

Alright, alright... thats enough blabbing and picture sharing... Everyone knows how much I love RokGear :) Now let me tell you about all the reasons why...
#1: They have been printing ties since 1995, OMG! Now thats dedication & Experience...
They started etsy just over a year ago and are totally "Rok'n" it...
#2: No clip art... You not gunna find the graphic to these ties floating on Photobucket...
"You will not find our neckties or designs on any department store shelf, we do not wholesale if you purchase a Rokgear design, necktie, t-shirt a print in general, It is directly from our Burbank Studio.
Not that we don't get hundreds of offers from vendors wanting our items, at RokGear customer service is all about the "Customer" and we can't rely on a third party vendor to take care of our customers." #3: THEY'RE ECO FRIENDLY!! "Water based ink screenprinting contains neither PVC nor phthalates making them an environmentally friendly choice. Water based ink ingredients are non-toxic, lead-free and do not contain any heavy metals. As such, they are safe for use on infant clothing, underwear and swimsuits."
#4: Options... sooo many options... Pick your color... pick your size (length and width... ... ... ... ;) ... pick your print... the combinations just go on and on and on... theres something for everyone...
#5: even more combinations... You can choose from Silk tie or Microfiber. We chose microfiber for the wedding. Its super easy to clean... the colors are just as great... still had a beautiful shine... and they're cheaper! For us it was a GREAT investment...
#6: The right size for everyone... On average an 8" tie may fit a boy up to about 2 or 3 years old, an 11" tie up to about 5 or 6 and a 14" up to about 10 or 11. For adults... A standard necktie is 3.75" wide at it's widest point and 57" long.
#7: They love RockerByeBaby, too.... ;) http://www.rokgear.com/Featured-Etsy-Shop.php
I could go on and on about all the amazing things coming out of RokGear... but you just have to see for yourself... And yes of course... one of you will get the chance to win... not one, but TWO MICROFIBER TIES... of your choice... You can choose one of two things... Either a matching father/son set... (1 adult tie & 1 kids tie... ) or two kids ties... You choose the size... color... and print... Pick your color from this amazing list... And shop till you drop on the website and etsy shop to see ALLLLLL the amazing print options ;)

To win... Go to the RokGear etsy shop... or the RokGear Website. In a comment... tell me your ultimate print & color choice... and why you want to win! The winner will then be contacted for a final decision on size, set, etc. How excited are you?? I gotta say, Im TOTALLY jealous... i would LOVE a matching skull & damask set for my boys... *wink wink* NOW GO COMMENT!!

Extra entries?? But of course :)

#2) Follow us here on (blogger) - Leave a separate comment for being a (old or new) follower on our blog.

#3) Follow/Tweet us (Twitter) - Leave a separate comment for being a follower and TWEETING about this giveaway on Twitter... If your already a twitter follower of ours, TWEET about it for an extra entry anyways :)Just be sure to leave us your Twitter name so we can check up!

#4) Write a blog about this giveaway and link back to this review. Leave an extra comment with the link to the blog.

#5) Buy something from ROK Gear! Tell us what you got!

#6) Fan US on Facebook...


#8) Heart/Favorite their Etsy shop!! Spread that Etsy love!

#9) Go Bump this etsy thread! http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6327857 Then come back here an comment for an extra surprise entry!!

Alright... thats like... #8 entries possible... now get on it.

Once more... *The Rockin Green giveaway is STILL going on until Oct 22... KEEP ENTERING!*
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