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Look mom, no hands!

How do I get things done with 3 kids, a full time business, a husband, a house, cleaning, cooking, etc. etc. ETC... hands free... A great friend made me the MOST AWESOME pouch for Rozzlyn... I had a sling with the boys, but its just not the same. Nothing compares to the awesomeness of my pouch... It was so perfect to keep her close as a newborn, and now that she's bigger Its even more amazing...
Her cute little toes fit through the sides... her head peeks out the top... the only issues I had at the store was her trying to chew through my shirt to nurse, haha... greedy baby had just eaten! *note to self - no v-necks while baby wearing "flesh=food to baby* Though, now that I say that... I probably could nurse her in there too... hmmmmmm.... 
Long story short, if you havn't tried wearing your baby, I recommend it... Life is so much easier with a baby in a pouch :)
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Wordless Wednesday

I made this sling about a year ago... Skullfinity on one side... Inked Girls on the other... I use it almost daily... Love, Love love love love.....
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Love To Shop Mom said...

My daughter loves to be carried in a sling but has outgrown hers. i would love to win this so that i could be able to carry her again in a sling! it certainly makes like so much easier!


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Carry me away, baby, carry me away - a new giveaway!

Hey guys!
I have a new super amazingly rad giveaway this week!
This one is great for future mommies, new mommies and mommies of toddlers!
And I promise, I wont mess this on up... :( sad.

This week, Mobile Mommy has hooked us up with an amazing sling!
Its totally gender neutral and comes in a stripey print in a rainbow of colors from green - orange - red....
And let me tell you, it totally blew my mind...

Now only does it look amazing, but its SO functional!
Let me preface this by saying, I made myself a sling a couple months ago..
I thought I pimped it out by adding a loop for a clip...
and some padding by his legs, HA!
Not even close...
This sling completely surpasses anything I have ever done...

Lets start with the specs.
"- Use from birth to 16 kg (35 lbs)"
I have two boys... I use it easily for both of them.
"- One size fits most sizing is great for multiple parents and caregivers"
Very very easy to slip from mommy to daddy to grandma... just pull the fabric to adjust!
"- Moulds to shoulder; pulls weight through the back not neck muscle"
I LOVE THIS FEATURE!! You carry all the weight on your shoulder and its not even a strain. No Rock neck!!
"- Just the right amount of fabric keeps older infants and toddlers safe and secure, without overwhelming newborns"
Its so nice and lightweight... not too hot for baby AND it doesnt make mommy hot and sweaty. Its perfect.
"- The nylon rings are specifically manufactured for baby slings and will hold up to 500 pounds"
At first I was scared about this... but after using it, im TOTALLy comfortable and its passed the mommy test :)
"- Two hidden pockets are perfect for storing day to day necessities like diapers, wipes or a wallet all without interfering with comfort or style"
Too friggen cool... I always need extra pockets!
"- A convenient and expandable cell phone pocket is designed so the contents won’t dig into baby"
Again, awesome... they really thought of everything when putting this together.
"- A built-in key clip and the exclusive Toy Extender attaches most toys and pacifiers to the sling, allowing baby to play without loosing the toy or having the pacifier fall to the ground"
Genius... I love being able to attach my keys, I hate digging through my bags!
"- Easy care; just wash, dry and go"
Its washed up really well... no fading... no shrinking... just as I got it :)
"- Comes with an instructional DVD"
Its very very simple to figure out, but if your stuck, this is great...

As you see, I am so impressed with Mobile Mommy. Wait until you see it in person.
Im so happy to see such an amazing product come out of etsy.
(They also have a Mobile Mommy website...)

The winner will receive this amazing sling.
You just have to comment to win!

How to win:
Leave us a comment here...
tell us why you want to win this sling.

Extra Entries:
#2) Follow us (blogger) - Leave a separate comment for being a follower on our blog.

#3) Follow/Tweet us (Twitter) - www.twitter.com/RockerByeBaby Leave a separate comment for being a follower and TWEETING about this giveaway on Twitter... If your already a twitter follower of ours, TWEET about it for an extra entry anyways :)Just be sure to leave us your Twitter name so we can check up!

#4) Write a blog about this giveaway and link back to this review. Leave an extra comment with the link to the blog.

#5) Buy something from one of the stores - leave the link to the transaction in a separate comment.

#6) Give their shop a "heart" on etsy!! Leave a comment saying you hearted them!
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