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Like the previous post mentions...

I AM IN A COMPETITION!! Its called, A friendly Competition sponsored by Cafe Handmade... and, of course... I WANNA WIN!!! haha
I busted my bum on a PIRATE scrap quilt JUST for this... it litterally took me hours and hours and hours... Its kinda like a RockerByeBaby
memory quilt... Its has bits and pieces going back all the way to my first blanket :) Lots of designer Alexander Henry fabrics... Some flannels... some cottons... lots of different textures for baby to feel... lots of bright colors... and the best part... SUPPPPPPER cozy...2 layers... count em... 1... 2... TWO LAYERS of batting... for fluff and warmth...and a snuggly white chenille on the back to hold it all together...double stitched... and a red contrasting stitch on the top.OH OH OH!! AND is a whopping 36X40in. !!!

ANYWAYS, point it.... ppppplease click here...


Scroll, down, and VOTE FOR ROCKERBYEBABY! you just gotta click.... and vote.... thats all folks. Oh... and if you have a seccond... repost this and tell your friends :)
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Well isn't that perfect...
No more DiyScene and the NEXT day... i got my approval from EtsyKids.

Id been on the waiting list for months! and now its my turn :)
So heres my first contribution!!
Click the graphic to check out the EtsyKids website.
In that site you can find all the fantastic kids sellers.

ALSO... go to www.etsy.com
and search EtsyKids Team
to find alllllllll their items ready to buy with a click of the mouse :)

A sneak Peek for you...
Kate Emerson Designs


Small Threads


oh now thats just adorable!! Oh wait... thats me :) tee hee hee...
So yeah... proof theres lots of good stuff!! SOOOOOO CHECK IT OUT!
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Interview on RockerByeBaby by Glamasaurus


It was so nice of her to spotlight on us. Everyone go check it out and leave some comments!!
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Check it out!!

Were there in the middle!!!
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