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Cutest Valentines ever!!

At the end of January we received a note home about Valentines... we weren't allowed to send candy or treats... so I had to get creative. Hmmmm. Just boring old valantines end up in the trash - so I knew I needed to step it up... I started searching on Etsy for some ideas. And with all the awesome options - these mustache tags caught my eye. I instantly knew what I was going to do... JsCraftyStudio - funny enough was located just about 9 miles from my home town. Of ALL the options, what are the chances of that!? Her customer service was fantastic... prices MORE than affordable - and a great quality product. She made me a custom order for 30 and had them out super quick... Today I ran to the dollar store and for $5 more picked up 30 stick on mustaches... As soon as Izzaq got home from school today we got to work... I hand wrote To & From on the back... and Izzaq wrote their names. Then we used double stick tape to attach the mustaches to the backs. Im so happy with how they turned out and he has already asked me about 100 times when they can all wear their mustaches. Handmade Valentines = success!!

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Giveaway #2: Wild Juniper

My little sister is obsessed with Mustaches... who isn't? They're funny. The tickle... they make boys going through puberty look like they're almost young men... and they make men who can't grow one properly *ahem, like my husband* look like little boys going through puberty. Old men love them, I know women with them tattooed on their fingers, kids love to have them painted on their face, hipsters think they're cool... and the list goes on and on...  So it was no surprise to me when the mustache trend hit Etsy. But of all the hundreds... no... THOUSANDS of mustache items on etsy, what you're about to see if one of my favorites.

While strolling through Etsy the other day, I came across the shop, Wild Juniper... and I can truly say it was love at first sight. The mama behind Wild Juniper very obviously has some talent. Her shop is overflowing with adorableness as fas as the eye can see.  One of my favorite things to buy for Ms. Rozzlyn are the cute headbands with the fabric roses... I think they are so super cute and shabby chic and add the perfect touch of girlie-ness to my bald baby. :) This one most definitely needs to be added to our collection. And how cute is that packaging???? I love the post card :) So clever! But the real reason we are here, is because of her SUPER adorable mustache onesie. I fell in love the second I saw it. I absolutely love the shape of the mustache, but my favorite part is the textured brown fabric gives it a more dimensional look as opposed to just your boring brown cotton. Cute right?! Well, Wild Juniper has been so generous as to send one for Ashley. For those of you that don't know, Ashley is a photographer... and I can already see a photo of her little man snuggled in a sea of brown, wearing this onesie, and a tiny little mustache... haha. Now, hopefully you love this mustache onesie as much as I do, because Wild Juniper is giving one away to the winner as well! The winner will get the onesie shown... in one of the sizes below.
The sizes available include: nb, 0-3m, 3-9m, 12m and 24m

How to Win:
#1: Heart WildJuniper on Etsy.
#2: Heart your favorite item in the WildJuniper Etsy shop.
#3: Fan the RockerByeBaby facebook page.
#4: Fan the WildJuniper facebook page.
#4: Heart RockerByeBaby on Etsy.
#5: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog. (in the upper right hand sidebar.)
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Movember - Join team RockerByeDaddy!! Check out this stache update!

Wow... its been 9 days since my husband has shaved his sweet stache... by sweet I mean hardly there... he looks like a 14 year old boy who forgot to wash his face... sorry baby... but lets be real, this is gunna take awhile... now with that being said, it is coming in quite nicely... if you are a 14 year old boy that is... though, if you actually ARE a 14 year old boy, look out for my husband...
because he looks like a child molester. PSSSH. haha. I can proudly say the jokes having been laid on pretty thick around here... and Im taking some good jabs at him any chance I get... I figure its kind of like a reward for me... since i have to look at him *and kiss him* with that thing on his face... its so pokey! Zaq says: "It's official... I'm coining the term "zrustache"... Sure there's the "cowboy" the "handlebar" but this is so sad others struggling as I need a name to their own...." Anyways - there is a purpose to this whole mustache thing if you remember... its actually NOT just to poke fun at Zaq... its to raise money for testicular/colon/prostate/man cancers... It seems like its always about the boobs (lets face it, those are way more fun than balls) and then men kinda get shafted. haha. get it? Sorry.... So the whole month of november you can find both Zaq... and the RockerByeBaby logo sporting mustaches... in hopes to raise some funds and make a difference... So far - members of Team RockerByeDaddy have raised $75!! And we are dang proud of it... So PLEASE! Stop by the Team RockerByeDaddy page and click: Donate to Team... and send anything you can. Even if its just $1... every single bit counts and makes a difference. If every person on the RockerByeBaby fan page donated just $1 - we will have raised over $4,500 ... and THAT my friends, is something to really be proud of...

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Movember - Join team RockerByeDaddy!!

MOVEMBER!! Join team RockerByeDaddy to help us raise money for mens cancer... my husband is on day 5 of growing a disgusting mustache... and we would love your support!
The best part about this - is he literally is like a 12 year old when it comes to growing facial hair... so never EVER has a mustache even been considered... let alone attempted... so he really could use some support... He is sacrificing his pretty little baby butt smooth face to raise money for testicular/prostate/colon, etc. Cancer... focused towards mens health.  Even if you just donate $1 its appreciated. Follow this link - http://us.movember.com/mospace/1612546/ and under the photo, choose DONATE TO MY TEAM... and spare anything you can. If we get over $150 raised Ill give everyone a 10% off coupon... if we get over $500 raised - Ill do a 20% off coupon. Ready set GO! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Oh, and after you donate... PLEASE join the team!! We would love to have you a part of RockerByeDaddy and for you to help us raise money and spread the word. <3

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MMMMmmmm Candy.

 Last month, my little sissy went off to college... so slowly but surely, I have been having fun little goodies show up at her dorm... A nice little pick me up surprise to put a smile on her face... The most recent one *so far* has been from one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE shops... Vintage Confections. We have been long time fans since hubby and I got married back in July of 2009... We had her make us these AMAZING red skull suckers for our candy table & favors, and they were the perfect touch.  They are shown below in the bottom right hand corner. I swear these suckers alone were the reason for the happiness of my youngest boy, Zavery... If I had to guess I would say he had 3-5 of them... and they are huge super sweet suckers... and he loved every minute of it. And his red candy stains lips and face perfectly coordinated with the wedding :) Well, last month I was cruising Etsy *as usual* and searching for goodies for my Mustache obsessed sister... when I came across my old friend Vintage Confections... and what is THE COOLEST mustache goodie I have ever seen... the mustache sucker... and even better yet - they were on sale!!! We got 12 custom suckers for $10 and shipping.  You get to choose your color & your flavor... and we went with black suckers and blueberry flavor. They were a huge hit... my sister was SO excited. She immediately sent me a picture of her (right) and her friend Katie (left) enjoying they sugary goodness. So I just wanted to take a second to say a huge thank you to my friend behind Vintage Confections...  for putting out such amazing treats for us all to enjoy... They are SO SO busy right now that custom orders are taking a bit... BUT if you're in a hurry, she just started an awesome ready to ship section for all your impulsive candy needs :) So stop by and try some new treats! And be sure to tell her RockerByeBaby sent you :) Remember... life is "sweet" :)
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