MMMMmmmm Candy.

 Last month, my little sissy went off to college... so slowly but surely, I have been having fun little goodies show up at her dorm... A nice little pick me up surprise to put a smile on her face... The most recent one *so far* has been from one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE shops... Vintage Confections. We have been long time fans since hubby and I got married back in July of 2009... We had her make us these AMAZING red skull suckers for our candy table & favors, and they were the perfect touch.  They are shown below in the bottom right hand corner. I swear these suckers alone were the reason for the happiness of my youngest boy, Zavery... If I had to guess I would say he had 3-5 of them... and they are huge super sweet suckers... and he loved every minute of it. And his red candy stains lips and face perfectly coordinated with the wedding :) Well, last month I was cruising Etsy *as usual* and searching for goodies for my Mustache obsessed sister... when I came across my old friend Vintage Confections... and what is THE COOLEST mustache goodie I have ever seen... the mustache sucker... and even better yet - they were on sale!!! We got 12 custom suckers for $10 and shipping.  You get to choose your color & your flavor... and we went with black suckers and blueberry flavor. They were a huge hit... my sister was SO excited. She immediately sent me a picture of her (right) and her friend Katie (left) enjoying they sugary goodness. So I just wanted to take a second to say a huge thank you to my friend behind Vintage Confections...  for putting out such amazing treats for us all to enjoy... They are SO SO busy right now that custom orders are taking a bit... BUT if you're in a hurry, she just started an awesome ready to ship section for all your impulsive candy needs :) So stop by and try some new treats! And be sure to tell her RockerByeBaby sent you :) Remember... life is "sweet" :)

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