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Special coupon code inside!

Its Friday the 13th somewhere! (will be in an hour here) so treat yourself to 13% off with the code: FRIDAY13

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Movember - Join team RockerByeDaddy!!

MOVEMBER!! Join team RockerByeDaddy to help us raise money for mens cancer... my husband is on day 5 of growing a disgusting mustache... and we would love your support!
The best part about this - is he literally is like a 12 year old when it comes to growing facial hair... so never EVER has a mustache even been considered... let alone attempted... so he really could use some support... He is sacrificing his pretty little baby butt smooth face to raise money for testicular/prostate/colon, etc. Cancer... focused towards mens health.  Even if you just donate $1 its appreciated. Follow this link - http://us.movember.com/mospace/1612546/ and under the photo, choose DONATE TO MY TEAM... and spare anything you can. If we get over $150 raised Ill give everyone a 10% off coupon... if we get over $500 raised - Ill do a 20% off coupon. Ready set GO! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Oh, and after you donate... PLEASE join the team!! We would love to have you a part of RockerByeDaddy and for you to help us raise money and spread the word. <3

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I love Twitter & i love my followers AND i love money in my paypal account and there isn't any! Ugh! haha SOOOO time for a sale! This rarely happens around here so lets make it count! Free US shipping on any regular price order TODAY ONLY (50% off international shipping)!!! Send me a message via etsy to either have the shipping prices adjusted OR if you dont want to wait I will refund the shipping charges to you right away. Whichever works best for you. Enter the code "ffTWITTER" to get the discount (or tell me when you message me for the discount :)

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