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Baby Blogging Bash! Giveaway #6! Vintage Lucy's!

Oh Vintage Lucy's.... I <3 you...

I started stalking Vintage Lucy's long ago... and it was love at first sight... For christmas one year I got the MIL a set of tea towels that STILL look adorable hanging on her stove... and to this day I have a list 10 miles long of all the things I want to trade her for... and everytime she says yeah! Lets do it! And I can't commit because I want it all, lol If #3 ends up being a girl... look out lady, because Ill be banging down your door for all the ADORABLE goodies in your shop. Everything is hand made (duh) super high quality and made to last... worth every penny...
Lets take a moment to drool over all her goods...
i NEEEED this shirt for the boys....
TOSSED SKULL DRESS - Size 3 mos up to womens xxl - TANK OR SHORT SLEEVES
Ugh, i wish i had more time for cutesy dresses like this!!! Jealous.
MOTHERS EVEN WHEN THEIR WRONG THEIR RIGHT - Flour sack kitchen tea towel
also... its official, i need to buy a couple towels tonight to match my new 50's style retro curtains i made tonight... yay! So clearly, as I said... i <3 Vintage Lucy's... her stuffs is ADORABLE... and a need a little of everything. But you need some too right? Well mey BFF Aymee, the guest of honor for this little shindig im hosting was gifted an ADORABLE *Bling kitty* tshirt for Maddie... pink w/ a screened black cat and a little crystal in the eyes... SO cute... and you!? This adorable Hot Rod tshirt on white. Size 18-24 months. Valued at $24...

How do you win?! Like this :)
#1: Make ANY purchase (samples are fine too) from the Vintage Lucy's website... comment with your order # for THREE ENTRIES. (three separate comments for each entry) ***edit: Orders made in the last WEEK will count towards this... just be sure to leave the order #***
#2:  Fan Vintage Lucy's on Facebook.
#3: Become a fan of the ROCKinGreen Facebook page!
#4: Follow @VintageLucys on twitter & @RockerByeBaby and tweet this (come back once a day to tweet for extra entries!)
"Enter 2 win @vintagelucys size 18-24 months Hot Rod tshirt during the #babybloggingbash @rockerbyebaby http://bit.ly/bZjyDp"
#5: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog!
#6: Follow the Vintage Lucy's blog!
#7: Grab our FLASH button from the sidebar and post it on your website/blog for 2 extra entries (comment twice with the link to where I can find it)
#8: Bonus entry/entries: 
After doing at least THREE of the above entries... the bonus entries are a free for all... as many comments as you want.... BUT the theme is "If you were President. What law(s) would you pass to benefit your CHILDRENS future... 
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A peek at our handmade christmas

So, i tried really hard this year, to buy mostly handmade...
I did a pretty good job...
I dont have pictures of most of it.
But, here are a few of the handmade things for the boys.

Our favorite...
The Beebles Rockin' Skull blocks.
You can find them here...

And here is a peek of their awesomeness at play :)

Next up, we got some awesome handmade crayons for the boys new art/learning room.
They're big, chunky and oversized for little hands to easily grab ahold of. We bought 2 different sets... one swirl set...that you can find below...

and one traditional solid colors set.
Again, a peek at play time :)

And last but not least... our Nightmare Sock monster. We also got them a neon skull one, but zave was to crabby for pictures, haha.
Most of Poisoned Creations sock monsters are one of a kind... but you can find similar ones here. Also, ask her for felt eyes to make them baby safe(er) :)

And, our last at play shot...

So yeah! The boys also made Zaq and skull piggy bank... and painted him some frames...

we bought some vintage lucy towels for grandma...

a pillow for the other grandma... some AMAZING white chocolate oreo bark from Just Bakin

SO yeah... i think thats about it! Check out the shop... not that christmas is over, we will be adding LOTS of new stuff... I have PILES of new fabrics just WAITING to grace the store :) Let me know what you think about all the gifts! And Im sure these other sellers would love for you to check them out as well!
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