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Mentoring Monday: Another Chapter - Belly Week 7

Aymee & Adam used to write this post - but they have gotten crazy busy between Maddie, School & Work... and perfect timing, why? Because now I am pregnant again... so I guess its my turn to take over :)

This week has been brutal. The first few weeks were great... I felt great, I was a little tired but that was all... this week - totally different. I wake up trying to keep my mouth shut for fear of what will come out of it... I rush to the kitchen to try to plug my nose and swallow anything that I can manage to choke down... the stand there and just... breathe..... and hope for the best. I have been OH so sick. Nothing sounds goood... and even when I do eat, its a challenge to keep it down... I was never like this with the boys so its a totally new pregnancy chapter for me. MANY of you have given me some great tips to try... and the top choices so far are #1: Preggie Pops...  I rushed and ordered these right away... Can't wait to try them! Hopefully they will bring be some releif... #2: Tip - Ginger... apparently ANYTHING with Ginger seems to be a hit... Ginger Tea, Ginger Ale and I hear Dried Ginger is like Candy! WOo Hoo! #3 of course is crackers... I guess its a good idea to keep some by the bed... some be the couch... some by in the kitchen, in my purse and in my car... for whatever reason - they seem to help when I can't eat anything else... and last but not least, my only hope is to NOT get hungry... morning is bad because I havn't eaten in over 12 hours. Once I get some food, i feel a little better, then I eat a bagel an hour or 2 later... then some lunch... then a cheese stick... and some Wheat Thins... and then dinner... thats my secret. Over ALL the other things - that is the most important one I have found... if I can keep myself from being hungry I feel 100 X's better... not perfect, but at least functional. If any of you have any other tips,  I would love to hear it... anything to help is worth a try!

So that is my week 7 in a nutshell... sickies, tired & pretty crabby but staying positive... why? Cuz there is an amazing baby Z #3 growing inside of me... and I couldn't be happier about it :)

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Belated Favorites Friday: We're Pregnant!!

So - as some of you may have heard from our Facebook Fan Page - were expecting! I am 6 weeks along as of yesterday, and feeling pretty great... aside from the sleepiness & bloating - so far so good. So of course, this calls for some major maternity shopping on etsy :) Which brings us to, Favorites Friday :)
(if any of you awesome sellers would like us to host a review & giveaway for you, please email us! rockerbyebaby@gmail.com WE LOVE GIVEAWAYS! 500+ blog follower & 3,500+ fans on facebook)

(click photo to enlarge)

#1: Mamasanmaternity - D-Rebel d-ring maternity dress
#2: JellyBeanApparel - Jeart Hands long sleeve shirt
#3: KSSMaternity - Cut the Cord tshirt (Bamboo)
#4: RunSystem63 - Striped Belly Band
#5: XYFactory - Double Sparrow Maternity Tunic
#6: Angeldamico - Magenta Day of the Dead Tunic (CODE: Winter15) for 15% off!
#7: WrenWillow - Mom Tattoo Heart Babydoll
#8: RainbowSwirlz - Floral Skull American Apparel Drapey Tank
#9: AsianApparel - LeSac Dress in Charcoal Gray (can be worn loads of different ways)
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Favorites Friday: Lets Make a Baby!

Hey guys! So - were back at trying again for #3 after last months unfortunate miscarriage :( And zaq says that he is starting to feel like a piece of meat... lol So this may be a little TMI, but Im gunna try to keep it rated "PG" so no one is like, OMG and maybe instead just does a little LOL'ing! Cuz well, i think were all grown up's here and know where babies come from... and seeing as most of you are mommies... im pretty sure you have a VERY good idea of the process, lol

p.s. this is probably the most fun i have had on a Favorites Friday in awhile :) Thanks awesome sellers!

#1: SoapBySelena - EDIBLE Massage Candle - Chocolate Truffle (Possibly the most genius idea in history... yes... more genius than the wheel... or the lightbulb...)
#2: StitchPixie - Sperm & Egg Fertility Coin pouch... (in case your sperm loose their way... of you find some loose coins in the couch while having sex, lol love it.)
#3: Interrobang - Man Candy Coloring book... (In case you need both a creative outlet - and help getting in the mood, he he he)
#4: ConstantGalore - x-large Chocolate Penis Pop (anytime penis' come in chocolate & rainbow... is a win in my book... lol)
#5: ABitABite - Red Hot Prick Cushion... (for when its not doing its job... and you ahve to take out your aggression... but not on the real thing of course... it must be in tip top shape for next ovulation, lol)
#6: MuthaCrafter - Im so crafty, i make people... (This is a must have when i get pregnant again, hehe)
#7: Earmark - Baby Making Time (this is a must buy to be sure daddy knows he is appreciated, lol... and that its time...)
#8: Muncheys - I cuddle after Sex, t-shirt
#9: VulvaLoveLovely - Fertile Uterus Lovey (to uplift women trying to get pregnant... now I dunno it it would do that for me, but i think I would have lots of fun looking at it on my desk, lol SO cute.)

If anyone of you AMAZINGLY RAD awesome sellers would like to host a review and giveaway PLEASE let me know, we would totally love to have you :)
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