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Favorites Friday: Lets Make a Baby!

Hey guys! So - were back at trying again for #3 after last months unfortunate miscarriage :( And zaq says that he is starting to feel like a piece of meat... lol So this may be a little TMI, but Im gunna try to keep it rated "PG" so no one is like, OMG and maybe instead just does a little LOL'ing! Cuz well, i think were all grown up's here and know where babies come from... and seeing as most of you are mommies... im pretty sure you have a VERY good idea of the process, lol

p.s. this is probably the most fun i have had on a Favorites Friday in awhile :) Thanks awesome sellers!

#1: SoapBySelena - EDIBLE Massage Candle - Chocolate Truffle (Possibly the most genius idea in history... yes... more genius than the wheel... or the lightbulb...)
#2: StitchPixie - Sperm & Egg Fertility Coin pouch... (in case your sperm loose their way... of you find some loose coins in the couch while having sex, lol love it.)
#3: Interrobang - Man Candy Coloring book... (In case you need both a creative outlet - and help getting in the mood, he he he)
#4: ConstantGalore - x-large Chocolate Penis Pop (anytime penis' come in chocolate & rainbow... is a win in my book... lol)
#5: ABitABite - Red Hot Prick Cushion... (for when its not doing its job... and you ahve to take out your aggression... but not on the real thing of course... it must be in tip top shape for next ovulation, lol)
#6: MuthaCrafter - Im so crafty, i make people... (This is a must have when i get pregnant again, hehe)
#7: Earmark - Baby Making Time (this is a must buy to be sure daddy knows he is appreciated, lol... and that its time...)
#8: Muncheys - I cuddle after Sex, t-shirt
#9: VulvaLoveLovely - Fertile Uterus Lovey (to uplift women trying to get pregnant... now I dunno it it would do that for me, but i think I would have lots of fun looking at it on my desk, lol SO cute.)

If anyone of you AMAZINGLY RAD awesome sellers would like to host a review and giveaway PLEASE let me know, we would totally love to have you :)
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