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Help Me Help Her! Cancer Fighting Mama...

Around here, we're kinda getting sick of Cancer... (no pun intended) I mean, Im really just over it... A very good friend of mine has been kicking breast cancers butt, yet the hits just keep coming. After chemo, radiation & a double mastectomy - we thought we were in the clear... then it came back... back to chemo and radiation and now blood transfusions, too. She is EXHAUSTED. This woman is literally my hero... no matter how stressed, tired, sick, and in pain she is - you would never know it. She takes care of her three kids with her super hero cape flapping in the wind behind her. Super low blood counts and begging to go back to work... *Or like the photo - walking in the Mother Day Breast Cancer Walk* But, lately - she has been talking about relaxing on a mini trip... and ya know what? When a mom that doesn't ask for help asks for help - you drop what you're doing and you find a way to help... So that's why I am here... I want to raise as much as I can so our friend Kat and I can give her a break. Maybe a night or two in a local fancy hotel with a massage and pedicure... maybe a short week on the beach in between treatments if you guys are feeling really helpful! If there is anyone in the world that deserves it - its this mama, I promise you. If everyone would donate just a couple dollars we could give her such an amazing trip that she has more than earned. Doctors orders are to rest and relax - and this seems like the perfect way to be sure she does that. Anything left over will be given to her and her family to use towards her medical bills. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for your selflessness and generosity. 

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We need your help!

Alright guys... I need your help. A VERY good friend of mine is in a crappy situation when her roommate left and stuck her with all the bills. She is overdrafted, struggling, and has a kid... she works her BUTT off and deserves some help (even though she would NEVER ask for it) For every $1 donation I get to paypal... I will match it up to $50... I would love to be able to go there tomorrow with at least $100 to help her out a little... And for every $1 that you donate, I will give one "entry" in to win a custom adult blanket. So $1 = 1 entry... $5 = 5 entries. PLEASE PLEASE help, just $1 makes a big difference... you can "send payment" via the personal option to rockerbyebaby@gmail.com and comment here telling me you sent funds. Please share this.
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Rock-Away-Cancer Giveaway

I write this post with a heavy heart, but a lot of promise... and a twinkle in my eye. It's rare I come to you asking for anything, but this time is a little bit different. A couple months ago I was hit with some heavy news... one of my greatest friends, at just 23 years old was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. I know this is always terrible news, but at 23 its just unacceptable, and pretty damn unfair if you ask me.  No one deserves to be going through what she is right now. She got to spend her birthday weekend getting her first dose of Chemo. A few weeks later she was noticing some strange memory loss... forgetting names of friends... family, etc. so she went to get it checked out. While at the doctor, they found a brain tumor.  Seriously?? Ugh. Just writing this I am getting angry all over again. So they doubled the chemo/radiation cocktail... and she's on loads of meds. The good news is - the Ovarian cancer has almost been blasted away - so she will hopefully just need the hysterectomy to finish it off. The bad news is - the brain tumor isn't changing and is going to require surgery. Between being so sick, missing work, medical bills & prescriptions she is out of money just like any one of us would be. I would like to think if I were ever in this situation someone would be willing to help me keep up this fight, so it was NO DOUBT that I was ready to pull all of my resources to help her... Rather than just asking you amazing friends, family, & customers to donate - I came up with a plan... we will do a Rock-Away-Cancer giveaway...

For every $1 you donate you get 1 entry into the contest.
For every $5 you donate you get 10 entries into the contest.
For every $10 you donate you get 25 entries into the contest.

Example: $3 = 3 entries  -  $7 = 12 entries   -   $15 = 35 entries

After a week - we will combine all the entries into one big giant hat and pull a name...

The winner will receive a custom basket of awesomeness catered your lil' ones gender. Winner will choose girl/boy/unisex and I will put together a basket of awesom-ness... Blankets, bibs, burp rags, booger bashers... whatever I can come up with valuing well over $150... OR the winner can choose a custom toddler bedding set OR two adult blankets....

I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this... anything... every single dollar will help and I wanted to do something special that would benefit you as well. Win or lose, the prize is high... she gets to keep fighting this battle.

Donate here - the money goes to a special paypal account just for her so that we can keep track. I will run this for a week so until Saturday, April 16th... If it goes as well as I am hoping - maybe we will do another one next month too :)

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Note to Self-Saturday: A Full house...

Two toddler boys (3&4) a hubby, a mommy, a Dixie (20 year old live in friend/nanny/helper/awesomeness) & two puppies... wow. FULL HOUSE! Oh, and of course one on the way!! Good thing we bought a nice, big house this year or there wouldn't be room for us all!

Today has been a non stop day of laundry... I think I have done about 6 loads in the last couple days, and folded them allllll today. I swear, just as Im getting finished - the monster pile comes out of nowhere and I start all over. Its never ending. And today - to top it all off my lovely home destroying puppies pee'd all over my fresh out of the dryer sheets... RIGHT in front of me. Ugh. These puppies are gunna be the end of me. They are more destructive and messy than my kids. They are the only puppies in the world that I've ever head of to chew through rubber toys made for big dogs... I bet in the last 6 months we have spend well over $200 on pacifiers, why? Because in a BLINK, they pups will take off with one and disappear. Later we find it chewed to pieces... Zaq bought this one last night. Its outrageous. They have chewed trim off my walls and around some of the door frames, they have ruined expensive toys and countless puzzle pieces. They've been being potty trained outside for months and still poop & pee inside at least once a day. And the thing that makes me the most crazy... is that we have brand new shag carpet (which they scratched a huge hole into in one spot) but I can see if they have accidents on the carpet, so just have to get it cleaned. I don't even know what to do anymore. I love my puppies - but any more I can't even enjoy them.  Every time they are out, something gets ruined. Every room in the house has to have the door shut completely or something disappears! We are talking 9 month old Chihuahuas here!! Not giant great danes or St. Barnards! Im running out of ideas... out of patience... if any of you have any idea what i can do to make this chaos stop, let me know. Ive tried loads of toys... rubber chew toys, rope toys, congs, and they ruin it all... and the pacifiers, they will chew it right to the nub. HELP ME!! If i dont get this figured out before the baby comes, they're gunna have to go... I just can't take it anymore...

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Wordless Wednesday: Working Hard

We have a Dixie again!! Dixie came up from California to move into our guest bedroom... she needed a change... Its been an amazing help already and its only been a few days! Dunno how I made it without her...Already getting caught up since she has been here!

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