We need your help!

Alright guys... I need your help. A VERY good friend of mine is in a crappy situation when her roommate left and stuck her with all the bills. She is overdrafted, struggling, and has a kid... she works her BUTT off and deserves some help (even though she would NEVER ask for it) For every $1 donation I get to paypal... I will match it up to $50... I would love to be able to go there tomorrow with at least $100 to help her out a little... And for every $1 that you donate, I will give one "entry" in to win a custom adult blanket. So $1 = 1 entry... $5 = 5 entries. PLEASE PLEASE help, just $1 makes a big difference... you can "send payment" via the personal option to rockerbyebaby@gmail.com and comment here telling me you sent funds. Please share this.

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