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Walmart... robbing wallets one Toy Story isle at a time...

So - today we had to go to Wal-Mart... *barf* and its not one of those nice new Wal-Marts... It's an old, always crowded, over shopped Wal-Mart... and it makes me crazy... but I have no choice... The Poly-Fil I get for crib bedding comes from there, they sell it in bulk... and the same brand costs double at Joann. Anyways, im off topic. Wal-Mart...

As most of you know... Zavery loves Toy Story... no, OBSESSES over Toy Story... and no schidt, every damn isle had something toy story... Toy Story towels... Toy Story soap... movies... fruit snacks... and FRACKIN MAC N CHEESE!?

What the Heck!? Give it a rest people...Its hard enough to get through wal-mart avoiding the toy section... but no... they move entire ISLES of toys, to the middle of the store just to be sure your kids see it and throw and screaming fit in front of everyone. Then, of course, again when you are in the check out line... because everyone needs Toy Story collectable cards, right? ugh, fml.  
It was literally like a war zone... You should have seen me shuffling through those isles.. dodging left and right... then it happened... OH NO! We've been hit! ugh... noooo not the Toy Story Cereal... GROOOOSSSS!! alright fine... if it'll keep you quiet... *shuffle shuffle... dodge... SHIT! TURNAROUND TURNAROUND!!!* annnnd its too late, we've spotted the enemy... The Toy Story Mac 'n' Cheese.. yup, i caved... mrs. always Annie's organic totally blew it with the .99 cent mac n cheese. I swear we have every Toy Story creation... I am SOOOO not the "commercial" type. If everything i owned from here out was handmade I'd be ecstatic... but no... he can't be obsessed with organic t'shirts... or vegetables... that would make my life much too easy... its gotta be the plastic mass produced crap from overseas of course...  Lets not forget the giant Buzz Lightyear zaq bought... remember that? The one that has been causing tantrums since the day it came home? Yeah... It was broken on day two... the wing broke, it no longer pops open or stays shut... just hangs there... and then since then its been thrown down the stairs, tossed off the couch... dropped in the toilet (stopped "talking" for about 3 days) and yesterday zaq had to snap off the shield because one side was broken... awesome right? I say thats a big #win for expensive plastic toys... NOT. So yeah... thats my rant for the day... Wal-Mart... I hate you... Go clean your Riverside, CA store... and Toy Story... I don't need your picture on every box of fruit snacks, tooth paste, or cereal I come into contact with... and if you must, can you put it on some Organic stuff thats not filled with total crap, sugar and will cause both obesity & diabetes in my child... thanks... just a thought ;) Now, Im not "blaming" toy story... is it annoying? Totally... but obviously I can say no... sometimes its just not worth the fight over a .99 cent box of mac n cheese... and dont get me wrong... some of the TS toys i actually enjoy... Of ALL of our toy story toys... there are 3 that I really like... I like the little Toddler friendly Buzz... (see older blog post for reference)... And I love the little Buzz & Woody Buddy sets that Sarah got us... and the new little Buzz Jammies that nana sent  us today... because after seeing this... they passed the "creative play" test, lol  There is a "button" for the laser on his shirt and he is going nuts over it, lol running around "zapping" everything. So really now, thats it... im done ranting... our craptastic day of shopping finished with cuteness like brotherly love... so all in all it was a win... would love to hear everyones opinion on all the commercial stuff out there... is there anything your kids go wild over that makes you crazy?
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A little effing "toy story" for you...

I wanna share a little about my day with you... and I want to start by saying, Zavery is absolutely obsessed with Toy Story... now, at first I found this to be ADORABLE, because I remember growing up when my little brother Austin would drag around his Woody doll... literally everywhere. we. would. go. So it was cute to see Zave follow in those same steps with Buzz... This all started walking through Wal-Mart barf one day to get some poly-fill... As we walked past the toy isle because I am a total idiot Zave saw a buzz dolll, and went absolutely nuts for it... Giant piece of plastic crap? No... Flashing lights, loud noises... and real live ninja chopping action? NO thank you... wings that pop out like weapons and flash lights? Umm. duh. $30? Abso-friggen-luetely not... I found cute little toddler style buzz... the wings snapped on and popped off... the helmet stayed open... and there was ONE button... and a nice soft plastic... just one button to get him to say his 3 little sayings... This cute little buzz was totally tot friendly... about half the size as the big one and not nearly as obnoxious... oh... and most importantly? It was like $10... 
Toy Story Deluxe Action Figure - Buzz

(as i write this he is literally climbing on top of me to point out that its a picture of buzz...)
This Buzz kept him completely happy and content for over a month... it went everywhere with us... It jumped from couch to couch with Zave saying "To Infinity & Beyond" and even with all my anti platic toy-ness... i liked it. HE was being creative... and I loved watching him create these little adventures with Buzz... and I loved the comfort it gave him when going to bed... now - last night all that changed... hubby went one a little shopping spree trip with his boss to check out the local competition... merchandising... blah blah blah BORING and on this trip... He dropped into the Disney store... (are you cringing yet? You know where this is going) Daddy saw the big Buzz... now for the Buzz crazed toddler this is heaven, right? Wrong.. its been an absolute effing disaster... Daddy was SOOO excited... he had already taken bux outta the box and all the wires and what not holding him in... ready for fun... and when daddy pulled that buzz outta the box it was like all his hopes and dreams came true... The real. big. buzz.
Talking Buzz Lightyear Action Figure -- 12''

  • Press button to hear five different Buzz phrases  
  • Features voice sampler and sound effects
  • Press button for wing release
  • Press arm laser button for laser light and sound!
  • Retractable helmet
  • Poseable joints
  • Buzz's Space Ranger suit features special glow in the dark effect! 
  • Plastic
  • 12'' H
  • Requires  2 AA batteries, included
  • Ages 3+
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years. 
This Buzz is SO over the top that is has been nothing but drama since he opened it... My little TWO year old Zavery just can't keep up with Buzz... since he is totally jointed, he doesn't stand on his own like he wants him two... The wing release button is so hard to push that he can't do it... and when Daddy offer to help its a total meltdown... cuz little Zavery is still throwing two year old tantrums... He is hard plastic (and already scratched up), clunky and loud... and most likely lt will be broken with the month. Last night... Zave was up until almost 11pm fighting about buzz... finally, I had to take him away... Zavery drifted off to sleep... Big buzz was downstairs... and Little Buzz slept alone on the floor under the bed :( I woke up this morning to a screaming toddler who had snuck downstairs before me... OMG is everything ok!? No... its a disaster... Buzz's wings wont open... OH YES, because he still can't push the damn button in... In the two hours that we have been awake it has been nothing but Buzz Drama...Which is awesome... because Zavery is pretty much drama all the time anyways... so extra drama is always welcomed...  the wings... those STUPID wings!! And if I have to hear the static of that laser one more time, i may have to cut off buzz's arm...  I can already feel myself plotting the disappearance of Big Buzz... Craigslist? Maybe I can trick someone into buying him on Diaper Swappeers... Cute Buzzlight year toy! haha NOT So yeah, I feel so bad because daddy tried so hard to come up with such a fun surprise for him... and now were both ready to lose our minds over this little effing "toy story"... i miss little buzz... *pout*
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