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Sleep? Meh, who needs sleep...

I think I have slept less in the last week than back in my college final exam days. Between all the Zaq stuff going on... getting final things in order for the baby to get here... and working like a crazy person... I feel like I just can't catch a break. Im drowning over here... finding my feet just often enough to gasp a breath of air.

As I type this, its 6:15am... I went to bed at 2:30 am... Zaq couldn't sleep so as he got up, then went in and out of the room & house, I kept getting woken up. Finally at 4:30 he came to bed... and then I tossed and turned until 5:15 before finally caving and getting up... so far in the hour I have made coffee, an egg sandwich, responded to a plethora of emails... and am sitting on hold with paypal... YAY! Just think what Ill be able to accomplish with Im not pregnant and can get back to chugging Red Bull's like waters. Can't wait! Ill have to have a special caffeine free mommy milk stash for my late night benders, haha.

Its now 6:20am... the paypal call went nowhere but in circles and as usual they didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. Heartburn is kicking in from my coffee... and the sun is starting to come up... wow. What a day already. I think that means it can only go up from here right? RIGHT?! Oh man, I hope so... three crib sets on the agenda to finish today and no helper until tomorrow. Then more tomorrow... and the next day... ANNNNND the next day... and somewhere in here I am supposed to make time to birth a child... but we will see, she might just have to wait ;)
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Swinger Sunday: Its Personal... by Glamasaurus

Meet Andreanna from the cutest shop in the world... Glamasaurus

When Amber asked me to do this I was at a loss for what to write about I could write something deeply personal but when it comes down to it I am insanely private.  I guess it's just I worry what people would think Maybe they would assume I am fishing for pity.  Or maybe they would think my story is fabricated.

    Instead of writing something that could delve into a depressing post I think I will just talk about my daughter. Isabella was born the day before my birthday on August 20, 2007.  It was oddly cold that day.
    Since that day everything changed. Being a child who had to grow up too quickly I never want her to go through that. So sometimes instead of cleaning up the house we sit around and cuddle. We slack off on cooking elaborate meals and share PB&J. We watch cartoons and sit in our jammies.
    Not to say I slack off as a mom but instead of focusing on what is important in the adult world maybe I would rather focus on the most beautiful treasure in my world. My house may not be spotless and my hair may be a mess but I have the most important reward of all. The love of my little girl.
    So this did turn into something personal...

and yes... of course thats a RockerByeBaby blanket... ;)
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