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Wordless Wednesday - Vegas Baby!

Everyone knows we were in vegas for out anniversary... So coming back i just had to post my favorite photos I took for wordless wednesday! We had SO much fun and it was so great to just spend a few days alone with my hubby :)

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Happy Anniversary Baby...

Wow *wipes brow* Has it really been a year already? With two kids Im sure most of you are thinking, ummm huh? But yes its true, we did things a little backwards... i think the story is supposed to go like this... first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage... our story went something like this... first comes love... then comes a baby in a baby carriage, then stress & fighting, and more love, and another baby, and a little more drama, and a couple cross country moves... and more and more and more love and THENNNN came marriage... I dunno if we just had to put each other trough the ringer first or what... But im glad we did. We got all that first 3 years of marriage crap outta the way before we even started... its just smooth sailing now, lol We know each others dreams & goals... faults & flaws... we have better communication than many couples I know (though were still not perfect, i seem to have a texting while angry issue, lol). We still snuggle in bed and he ALWAYS kisses me goodnight... and every now and then he writes me a sweet little love song... We LOOK FORWARD to spending time together because we want to... and not because we have to... and even after all our ups & downs... I love him more and more every day.  He gave me two handsome little men, (and hopefully someday one more, well - HOPEFULLY a girl, but either will do :)  And I just wanted to announce to the world how lucky I am... I always say Zaq saved me... and i still truly feel that way... so baby, heres to the next year, and the year after that... and about 50 more after that... oh, and *cheers* to a crazy weekend in vegas :) My mommy called me last month to see what our plans were. We had none, and hadn't really considered anything. Well, she mentioned meeting us in Vegas and watching the boys for the weekend... PERFECT! So today (yes two days before, lol) I booked us an awesome room @ The Hard Rock Hotel our favorite spot. I spent way too much, but its totally awesome... next time, plan ahead idiot, when i looked last month it was half that price...  Zaq had mentioned the awesomeness of the Supreme City Suite... he was right, it was awesome.

This 700-square-foot room comes with one king custom mahogany and leather sleigh beds with designer bedding. The room features a dark wood floor in the foyer and carpet in the living space as well as a desk and a digital touch-panel jukebox.The bath area has a porcelain and marble vanity with Grohe bath fixtures, a Rainhead shower with in-shower seat and a handheld wand, and separate cast iron tubs.Amenities include: Two 40-inch flat screen TVs, DVD player, wireless internet (for a fee),black out drapes, air conditioning, alarm clock, radio, pay-per-view movies,terry robes, minibar... I felt like Big Pimpin' just lookin at it...
 well - thanks to you awesome customers for keeping me so busy I said what the hell and went for it. It was only $40 more than the Paradise Towers room that we had last time.... so it was a good deal. Its a special occasion. And - we already agreed that were not getting "gifts" so why not go a little over board... Now - lets just hope the Hard Rock has some special baby making powers... lol Wish us lots of love & luck... and maybe a $50,000 jackpot would be pretty sweet :) Oh, and since its Thursdays Tunes... here's the song we all walked down the isle to at our wedding... It was oh so fun and perfect... listen to the lyrics... it was really strange when i found this song... I have always been obsessed with wishing at 11:11... I have it tattoo'd... and zaq proposed at 11:11... anyways. im rambling. just listen to it... its cute & cheezy :)
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Favorites Fri.... uhh, Sunday? VIVA LAS VEGAS!

Yay for vegas! We are having too much fun this weekend... So much so, that I didn't get to do my Favorites Friday post! But, today we're hanging in the room while zaq watches the game (go vikings)... so I thought it was a good time to do it. Se here we go! A little snapshot into my weekend :)

(click the photo to enlarge)

#1: GothFoxDesigns - *drools* Couture Lust Heart Burlesque Pasties (Picture this... smokin hot tattoo'd chicks dancing on stage at the Hard Rock Hotel... picks jaw up off the floor now if only they had some Goth Fox... YUM!)
#2: Sisterbutterfly - What happens in Vegas treasure box.. (I am SO madly in love with this little trinket box... would be perfect in our Hard Rock room... all damask... and of course, a lil touch of gambling :)
#3: DesignerPertaO - Las Vegas party dress (I cant even count how many teeny tiny blinged out sequin dresses we have seen since being here... come on ladies... be creative... class it up with this dress, LOVE!)
#4: CraftyisthenewBlack - Hangover Harold Boo Boo pack (TOO funny... day one I woke up feeling a little rough... sure wish I woulda had a Hangover Harold, lol a MUST for vegas)
#5: Glamasaurus - Fried egg necklace... (last night around 2am we hit up Mr. Luckys 24/7 for some late night breakfast! Yummm... 2 eggs over medium ;)
#6: PinkTopHat - Poker Cuff Links - Las Vegas (Zaq totally needs these for when we are hitting the Black Jack table... super cute!)
#7: LenaQuist - Black leather Spandex pants ( I could never wear these, well maybe if I lose like 5,000 pounds... but, a girl can dream! And if I ever COULD... first place... vegas.  These are SO hot... and would fit in here perfectly, totally hot!)
#8: FriendlyMade - Sin 5x5 Fine art Photo (Totally loving this, even sent it a heart... I have always kinda stalked this shop... love the day of the dead couple... but this one jumped right out and was a MUST for the Vegas FF, super rad... and of course theyre even cooler since theyre from MPLS)
#9: MySugarDoll - Punky Leopard & Pishnet Bikini... (now THIS is a Hard Rock vegas bikini... talk about turning heads during Rehab by the pool!! Awesome!!)
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