The winner of the Rocky the Zombie painting is: JACKIE!!

Here beautiful comment was as follows...
WOW! I LOVE her stuff! So talented! I def. went right to etsy and added her as a favorite! the painting is adorable! OMG, we are painting our girls room and one of her paintings would just finish the room off completely! Glad to know of her! thanks!!!

Thanks so much Jackie we will be in touch!!!


The winner of the Rockin Mama onesies is.....
Tiffany!! The first comment!
Her comment...
Oh wow. This store is amazing.
My boyfriend is going to KILL me after I order all the things I plan on from here!
I love the zebra print diaper bag. It looks like something I would use as my own pocketbook as well and big enough to carry everything I need for my daughter.
Oh my gosh. The leopard print booties..heck, all the designs in the booties are so great. Definitely things I'd love to buy that I can't find anywhere else!
And the onesies are simply too cute!!

THANKS EVERYONE!!! BE sure to send us pictures of you/kids with the winning items!!


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