Your Little Jumping Bean needs shoes! I have some for you!!

Jump! Jump!
Jump up and down if you want to win these shoes!!
Alright alright... I cant see you jumping, duh...

But, guess what I have for you!?!?
The cutest pair of Checker Board shoes for your little one!
Size 12-18 months... (about a size 6 toddler)
So if you have a bun in the oven... comment!
They will fit sooner than later!!
Really though... how cute are these!?

Remember those perfect footie jammies you used to have?
The ones that were soft and snuggly and had the grippers on the bottom?
Yeah... you remember :)
Well, these come with the grippers on the bottom, too!
So, perfect for that little toddler that is just starting to walk...
Keeps their feeties warm and snuggly, but not all slippery like socks!
The best of both worlds...
And if you want, for just $1.50 more you can upgrade to Suede!!
Did you know that Soft Soled baby shoes are recommended by doctors and pediatricians to promote the healthiest development of little growing feet?
Its true! So these are the perfect way to keep some style...
but while still doing what is best for baby.
She has SO many different styles in the best fabrics...
Cutsie girlie... Japaneese kawaii (you know Im a sucker for kawaii fabric!)
and now even some skulls! (I would love to think that was with my influence :) haha)
BUt check em out!

Go to her shop...
tell me your favorite set...
and why you want... no, why you NEED to win the free pair of Checkerboard shoes...
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Geesh, were so giving over here...
Who do you love? ROCKERBYEBABY! hehe

Thanks guys! And good luck!

Congrats Lexi on winning by Booger Bashers!!

Lexi said...

I just wanted to tell you that your stuff is absolutely AWESOME! I especially love your "Weenie Beanies". Absolutely GENIUS!! I haven't bought anything from you yet, but I'm definitely planning on it!

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