Favorites Friday: The Mustache!

This weeks Favorites Friday? The mustache! Im gunna give you a ride around etsy for all the best mustache gear... a mustache ride if you will... lol

#1: UrbanAntix:
"A Mustache painted on each side of cup to have 2 disguises for each cup. A mustache for each mood." Too funny right? Sip in style...

#2: LIttleAngelsJewelry - "This hilarious and bold Dali Mustache Necklace measures 2" (if you want bigger or smaller or different shapes let me know) Handmade with Acrylic" There are tons of other mustache necklaces out there... but dont be fooled! This shop claims to be the Original!!

#3: Undies: "Gentlemen prefer blondes but scoundrels prefer girls with mustache undies. And we wouldn’t have it any other way, really. Attract the wrong sort with these hand-screened mustache undies printed on black 100% cotton briefs." Lol... remember that mustache ride I spoke of? Need I say more?
#4: RADROBOT "Do you support moustaches as much as I do? Well, now you can finally voice your feelings with this classy one-inch button." HAHAHA - love it... i must say, theyre are some bad stache's out there... but some good ones too... I mean where would Hulk Hogan be without his? lol SUPPORT THE STACHE!

#5: TheBoldBandana: "All our apparel is hand printed by us using only the highest quality equipment and eco-friendly soy based screenprinting products." Yay! Its fun... its funky... and its eco friendly!! we love all of these things :)

#6: SprocketBox: "Vinyl Mustache + Mirror = New Mustache = FUN!!" omg - my sis would love these... FAVORITED! might have to add these to her xmas present :)

#7: SallyEnglandDesign "The delightful Mr.Moustache pillow comes with four interchangeable velcro moustaches (Fu Manchu,trucker,gentleman,& salt 'n'pepper!) and a clear plastic storage pocket on the back!" love... lovee... loveeeeeee... too friggen funny!

#8: Sirenaconjersey
Could this tote possibly be ANY cuter? No... i dont think it could.

#9: CathyPeng - "My mustache kitty design has been hand screen printed in a dark chocolate brown ink onto a pair of teal and brown American Apparel baby rib flat bottom panties." So, Im not gunna get personal and explain why i LOVE these... im just gunna let you think about it ;)

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