A christmas Wish: Please Help

Hey guys... I really need your help... any kind of help really, but I will take whatever i can get... First Im gunna tell you a story... then Ill tell you what I need... k? When I was 13 my parents split up. My dad was an alcoholic and very abusive... after the final time of seeing my dad throw my mom through a bathroom door pinning her against the wall. I said that was it... The next day, while they were both at work, I ran home from school, packed a bag of clothes for each of us kinda and my mom... when she got home I said were leaving... and if you wont... im running away. So we did. And she never went back... I shared a 1 bedroom apartment with my mom & two other siblings for years... we didn't have much but it didnt matter... it was warm... it was safe... it was family. There was no way we could have pulled off christmas that year... until of course there was a knock on the door. I ran to get it... and what I saw STILL brings tears to my eyes. 3 giant garbage bags full of perfectly wrapped christmas presents... it was clothes... shoes... books... gift cards... toys.... everything my family could have wanted. And i will never ever forget that day... We still dont know who it was... we have our ideas, but no one has ever admitted it... Since then I have always tried my best to help people when I can... and this year I want to help someone less fortunate have a Christmas. But I need your help too... After many referrals I went to www.WishUponaHero.com have you ever been there? Its amazing... I love seeing so many people reaching out to others in need. I will definitely be back there... some people are asking for just christmas cards... some help with rent... and people help. Its beautiful.

I picked Two Wishes.... WishUponAHero We have to get together and send them so good stuffs to help out :)

Wish #1:
"My husband has been unemployed basically since we found out that I was pregnant and we are due at the end of january. And I am employed full time but not able to keep up with the bills, let alone buy necesseties for the little guy. We are not looking for brandnew items or money, but any items and possible gift card for babies r us, target, walmart, etc. and prayers. What we do have so far is just a couple of stuffed animals, clothes 6-12 months mostly, 1 blanket, a travel system, a couple of blankets. We are planning on cloth diapers, so those and the covers would greatly help on that end. We do greatly appreciate anyone just looking at this and hope everyone is able to enjoy the holidays!!! "

Wish #2:
"I am a single mom of two toddlers, 7 months pregnant and just recently took maternity leave. I am a married 20 year old with two toddlers. I moved away from the beautiful beaches of panama city,fl to make a better life for myself and my family. Recently, my husband left us, walked out on us and moved 1200 miles awayRight now I am in a situation where I just need basic things around the house very bad! General things like laundry soap, body soap, dish soap, and i honestly don't know how i will buy the next pack of diapers for my son. he has some right now but i will be panicking soon. Anything would help and be so greatly appreciated! I would not ask if it was not really needed!I am a waitress on the weekends and during the week I work for "Jill's Helping Hands" which is in home care for the elderly. Pretty much it's general health care, cleaning, cooking, looking out for them. We help keep elderly out of nursing home and I am very thankful that I get to help these people out. "

So here is what I need guys... I need you to send me what you can that qualifies into any of these two categories... Gift Cards for Diapers.. Cloth Diapers... Rockin Green - maybe some soap? Prefolds... clothing... Brooke - some pants maybe? Gory has grown out of all his little stuff right? Could we share maybe if you still have some? Any old toys? Any new toys? Heathens Hearth, maybe some LIttle Heathens? Anything you guys can do... $5 gift card to Target... $10 to Wal-mart... whatever!! It will be MUCH appreciated... I plan to go through as much as I can. If you can help, leave me a comment here with your email address, what you can send... and I will email you my address. I want to have everything sent within a week... so I can get it out all packed together and shipped to them before christmas.

Thanks guys...
Brooke Van Gory
the Eli Monster
Rockin Green
Monkey Snuggles Mama
Heathens Hearth
Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life

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