One More Thing... Be kind for under $1.00

So - I had a thought while I was talking to a friend :) Obviously not everyone can do big donations... and sometimes even $5 is just too much to spare... I know this, Ive been there. And some of you readers are in that spot right now... scraping change together for ramen... Spaghetti Spaghetti Peanut Better Spaghetti... I remember. But I also know that many of you in that spot still want to help out... Karma right? Do good things? Good things happen? Well, I had an idea of how you can help for the price of a stamp.

There are TONS of people on Wish Upon A Hero just asking for cards... to feel needed and wanted and loved...
So do this and get the kids involved... Pull out some random construction paper... glue... crayons... whatever randomness you can find... and make some holiday cards. Write a sweet little note... a message... a quote... a poem... anything inspiring... and send it off... It will make someones day... you & your family get to do something nice... and no one breaks the bank :) Everyone wins...

Some random wishers I found:

Just search "Cards" in the wish search to find more :)
Im gunna do this with the boys this weekend... I think it will be alot of fun... and another life lesson taught on sharing :)

Love you all :)

p.s. Please let me know if you do it! I would love some photos to put up on the blog of everyone making their christmas cards!

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