Favorites Friday: Creative Play

Merry Christmas to my readers that celebrate it! If you dont, Happy Friday! ;)  In honor of this christmas "creative play" trend this week... I wanted to use that as inspiration for todays post! Full of items that I bought... that I want... and that I hope to get soon! As always... click the photo to enlarge and the links below coordinate with the numbers!  Oh, and to any of the stores below that Im in love with... my kids would LOVE for me to host a review & giveaway of your items for a full writeup and week of adv. :) just email or comment if interested...

#1: MamaMayI: I always love a good memory game... make it wood and hand inked & im sold... such a cute idea :)
#2: ChaseDreams: Recycled Lego Crayons bought these for their stockings in both brights & Primary colors. Even cuter in person!
#3: LinenKids: You know my love for sewing (obviously) this WILL be mine... for sure... its hearted and after this has been posted for a few days im totally going back to get one. Izzaq will LOVE getting to help mommy "work"
#4: BabyLoveBlankies: We searched and searched for cool skully ISpy bags for xmas with no luck... and NOW after its too late for xmas, here they are, lol just my luck... Have to snag these up later!
#5: WoodShopBob: 12 Piece Wooden Mini cars... insanely adorable... i NEED to buy these... 3 inches long... what an awesome deal!! Zavery will LOVE it.
#6: BeeDot: My girl Mandy is so darn talented... I just love her Amigurumi creations... so I asked her to make me two ice cream comes and they are easily some of the cutest and most well made things i have ever seen come from etsy... I cant wait to get more!
#7: BabyBooFelt: We got SO MUCH felt for from her for christmas... its amazing!! The fruit basket is next on our list!
#8: LittleSapplingToys: 10 pin Wooden Bowling Set... I have been drooling over this all year. Izzaq is obsessed with bowling and i know would just go nuts to have this. Wish I would have found it before I was done xmas shopping!
#9: BabyBolt: Skull crayon roll made in my favorite print... lusting over this one for sure!

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