Note to Self Saturday: Happy "Friggen" New Year.

Is there just something in the air? I mean really... what is going on... maybe its just me but its doesn't seem like a good month for relationships... I have seen/heard from more of my friends that its non stop arguing, bickering, drama.... and I have watched more facebook status' change from "In a Relationship" to "Single" this month than the other way...

  Hubby and I have spent more time either bickering/arguing or being cordial, than being our typical lovey selves, and even that seems forced... and I gotta say - im reaching the end of my tolerance level. We can't have a conversation without drama... every other sentence is taken personally... its getting old. Everyone I ask says theyre doing the same thing... and its just the holidays... but I just don't get it! THE HOLIDAYS!! Its supposed to be the "most wonderful time of the year"... why has it become a nightmare? Im 6 hours away from my family this year... so yes - i was a little homesick...  but I did my best to hide it and put on a big smiley face. Help cook a nice dinner, bake pies, and throw a party for his family... I get that we both have stressful jobs for X-mas time... ZaQ was working 10-12 hour days... 6 days a week... I was working non stop in the store... shipping up to 20 packages 5 days in a row that last week...  it was chaos and I wanted to pull my hair out... we were sleeping terrible, etc. But I was always under the impression that when things get stressful... your partner is there to support you... and you help each other get through it. Right? Or not? I dont know.  Like I said, maybe its just this time of year... we have been in worse ruts thats for sure... and through worse arguments, etc. etc. etc. But for some reason this round is really pulling at the heart strings.  Any of you going through this sort of holiday rut? Any tips to pull out of it? Im thinking I could use a few. 

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