Giveaway #2 - Nifty Nappy... a must have for your dryer balls.

With all the awesomeness we have to give away... its hard to pick which order! But since we just posted the Buddha Bunz giveaway... it seemed totally obvious that the NIfty Nappy giveaway just had to come next!! If you're a cloth diapering mama - then you just have to have a set of Budda Bunz dryer balls to quicken your dry time and leave them feeling soft and smelling fresh... and if you're a cloth diapering mama - then you HAVE to have some Nifty Nappy diapers!

Since Nifty Nappy launched they have sold thousands and thousands of diapers... they are now closing, but never fear... you can still get them all over... AND they are even selling the pattern so you could make them yourself if you wanted! Nifty Nappy is also still selling them on their fan page as they have overstock... and Vilate is always shouting out to the shops that still carry them as well... 

I believe the final count on my diaper stash includes around 10+ diapers (some newborns, some one size... and some pockets)... and 5 Woolie Wraps. "The Nifty Nappy diaper is a one size (OS) diaper. It is made to fit from 7 lbs. to 35 lbs. The versatility of a OS diaper saves you money because you have to buy fewer sets of diapers over the course of cloth diapering. They are also great with multiple kiddos as you can use it on your 3 month old and your 2 year old." My favorite part about the NN one size diaper is their super trim lay in soaker... In order for some diapers to be absorbent, they have to be bulky and full of layers... but the NN diaper is so thin and does just as well if not better than the big guys. Another of our favorites is the NN pocket... if you don't like fitteds and covers, its the way to go... You still get the super cute print of a fitted... but a thin layer of PUL keeps it waterproof. So you don't have to worry about Covers or Woolie Wraps... But the cutest of all? This adorable one size Owl diaper!! Its the one that will be headed to Sarah, AND the one that we're giving away!! 
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