Maybe baby? Someday? Please?!?!

Im starting to wonder if this little lady is ever going to get out... Hubby keeps telling me "don't worry, eventually she HAS to come out"... but I am really starting to question this theory... At this point I think her little butt is so deeply wedged up into my ribs that it may actually be stuck in there... and she has been punching so hard into my insides... that maybe she punched her little hand right through my stomach... or maybe my kidney... and I think they might be holding her hostage... So maybe she won't come out... maybe I will blink and have a 5 year old living in there... boy would I ever be lopsided... Can you imagine a little Izzaq balled up underneath my favorite hoodie?

Alright, maybe Im being a little dramatic... Im sure she is going to come out eventually... and Im not even to my due date yet - so maybe I should settle down a little bit... eat my cereal... work... snuggle my boys... and take a chill pill... but we all know that whole "relax" thing isn't so much in my vocabulary as is "running like a crazy person"... most people would be on their maternity leave by now... soaking in the last bits of pre-baby time they have left... but you know me better than that... the other day someone asked me if I planned to work all the way through my labor, haha... knowing me - if I could I would... but I think the birthing tub could make that complicated, so I guess not... but - Ill be working till I can't anymore, thats for sure... still lots to do, though I am getting there... I am down to 68 orders... and I havn't been there since we went to Vegas - and that was in July... so I am pretty proud of that :) And I just keep chug-chug-chugging away! Well - I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday morning... Its chilly here... but perfect weather for the car show & wedding we have in the plans today. Have a great day - and send me all the "get that baby out" vibes that you can spare. :)

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