And We Danced...

My husband and some long times friends started a new band/project recently called And We Danced. They have released a couple songs as well as have some shirts available! Their EP is available for preorder! Click here for a killer deal... 7 song EP, Button and Sticker for just $6! 


I wanted to take a quick second to give them a shout out. I have always enjoyed Zaq's music - but this is by far my favorite of all the things that he has done. You can find them on facebook here... while you're there you should give them a "like" They would appreciate it :) But before you commit... you're welcome to click play and listen to the first single!!


 They really are an amazing group of guys... coming together from "Past and present members of Cadillac Blindside, The Jealous Sound, The Stereo, Gratitude and Crash/Burn/Repeat." Hearing them for the first time was one of those *ah-ha* moments... and I wanted to shake them for not doing this years ago!! But they are now and that's what matters! Thanks for taking the time to listen and we hope you love it! Tell your friends - and if you REALLY love it - comment letting them know where you want them to book a show near you!

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