Some lovin' for Small Threads

One of our long time favorite mama's is Mandy from Small Threads. She makes AMAZINGLY detailed pieces that I just melt over... and now I have the pleasure of working on a trade with her... and lucky ME! I get a new Bony hoodie... a couple years ago she made me this awesome Bony hoodie... 


Yep! That's me... about 30-35 pounds heavier... I LIVED in this hoodie... But now *sigh* it's pretty big on me... comfy & cozy of course... but I like my hoodies to fit and still show a little shape. While my weight loss is something to be proud of, I was super sad to shrink out of my hoodie... so when she asked about a trade I jumped at the chance! This time we are doing it with white bones and a pink heart (my old one has off-white bones & a red heart)... definitely take the time to swing by her shop if you haven't already! She has so many awesome things and just listed all her Halloween goodies!


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