Nuby Review: Natural Flex Pacifiers


Breastfeeding mama's - this one is for you!! And man do I ever wish I had these when I was still nursing Rozzlyn. Nuby's Natural Flex pacifiers just ranked at the top of my pacifier list. Now, Rozzlyn rarely uses one anymore... I could take them all away and she wouldn't care... she doesn't use one at bed time...  though if she does wake up in the middle of the night sometimes I will try that to calm her down. But my favorite... and I assume hers - is after nap. I LOVE going to get her after nap... grabbing a pacifier... and snuggling up on the couch with her.


 "Natural Flex™ pacifiers have been specially designed to flex, stretch and move like a mother’s breast. The natural sucking action of a baby is promoted with the flex and movement of the nipple, whilst the patented nubs gently massage the gums. Discreet and stylish and made to the highest quality standards, the Natural Flex™ pacifiers come with an orthodontic nipple that is designed to fit the natural shape of your baby’s mouth."  As you see in the photo... she has her little thumb toughing the silicone. She likes the feeling as it moves... and I like the idea that its just soft silicone against her mouth. Such a genius idea for a pacifier!! Nuby strikes again! The also come in a pack of 2... and are in a cool little carrying case that keeps them clean. Great for just tossing them into your bag on the go.


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