Love for the Guncles!

We have always been HUGE fans of the Guncles... when they adopted their baby girl Simone we teamed up with some other handmade mama designers and gave them a great gift basket of goodies... Well, she always look so grown up now when I see her, that I thought it was time for some new stuff. We asked her favorite color and he said pinks and soft/light greens... So I think I found the perfect print :) The last one I gave her was a baby size... and Tori Spelling gave her one of our blankets that we had given her as a hand me down... but that one was baby size too! So this time, I made her the BIG TODDLER size blanket which is perfect size for her... with her name monogrammed on it... as well as a coordinating dress! She has such awesome style so I really hope she likes it! Stop by their fan page and give them a like... and if we're lucky - maybe we will see a photo of her wearing the dress or snuggling her new blanket! <3

IMG_5843.JPG IMG_5857.JPG

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