Creative Freedom

I LOVE what I do - no doubt. But as RockerByeBaby has grown it became less what I want to make and/or am inspired to make and more about what custom orders come in. Which is totally fine - however, I have so much fun when I get to do stuff like this below. My cousin is having her second child soon, a baby boy! She knew she wanted that nice bold lime shade, gray, white & navy... lots of prints mixed in... and then outside of that I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted. I found a bunch of prints to go together well... and just started piecing them together. 

I had so much fun making it... in the end there were a couple sheets, a small blanket for her mini crib, a bigger quilted stroller size blanket, 2 changing pad covers, 12 booger bashers, 2 pacifier clips, and a boppy cover. So in the future - if you ever want to make me SUPER happy... shoot me a couple ideas/themes/colors and then just let me go wild with it. It will be lots of fun for me and an awesome surprise for you!

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