Nuby Review: Easy Clean Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush

Holy buckets, have I ever been a failure at the blog. RockerByeBaby has been SO SO SO busy. I have about 500 pictures to filter, edit and list... countless emails to sort. BUT! I am here now, and that is what matters, right? Sure, lol Back with a vengeance with a weeks worth of posts AND kicking it off with a Nuby review. 

Recently Nuby sent me the Easy Clean Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush. This. Thing. Is. Rad. We're kinda out of the bottle stage around here so it has been used to clean all our awesome Nuby Sippy cups... *and yes, some of my coffee cups too - FRESH POTS* 

Photo Jul 02, 7 23 42 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 02, 7 24 29 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 02, 7 26 50 PM.jpg

You fill it up with soap... screw it together... then push the button to dispense the soap from the top. It's that simple. It makes cleaning bottles and sippy cups super easy. And when you're done, it suctions to the counter by the bottom so it stands up. 

Want your own? Duh, of course you do! sells them in 2 packs for $8 in both girl packs and boy packs.

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