Spice up your Baby Carrier!

With my new found love of Tula's - I jumped into making suck pads. I literally HATE that they are called Suck Pads... so if anyone else has a clever name for them, feel free to share it with me. If you're not sure about what Im describing, here ya go. They are basically covers that wrap around your SSC straps. Teething babies tend to suck and chew here, sometimes even chomping a hole right through the strap. In other cases its just lots of slobber and makes it easier to just toss these in the wash instead of washing the whole carrier. They have a print on one side, minky on the other, batting inside ribbons at the bottom for texture and sensory play, and full velcro strips to keep them closed completely (snaps often pop open, I think just to annoy me ;)

Here are a few examples of recent ones we've made...

IMG_0937 copy.jpg

Want your own? You can purchase a custom set here... 

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