Meet Kari Guest Blogger & Nursing Pad reviewer

"Hi I'm Kari - working mom of 2. I nursed my son until he was 1 and I'm on my way to nursing my daughter for the same (she's 4 months old). I started off using disposable nursing pads until I found cotton reusable ones. They were good but they stuck to me unless I was using lanolin and I couldn't wear them overnight. I'm a rockerbyebaby fan and when I saw their version I had to try. Oh how I wish I found these sooner! They barely stick even without lanolin, I can wear them overnight, and the more I wash them the better they get! When I first saw them I thought these are too big but they fit discretely in my bra and are so more fashionable then the boring beige cotton ones. I now become bummed out when they are in the wash! Give them a try you won't regret it."

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