Gluten Free Kids!

We tried awhile back and here we are again giving it another go. 100% super strict gluten free for Zavery. We are having some pretty dramatic emotional issues in school and it is really time to start cracking down to find some solutions. He also has speech issues - so step one was to set an appointment with the ENT doctor. That  is the first week of April. While we wait we decided to try gluten free again. Eventually we want to switch all the kids over to GF... seems like it will make life a lot easier. The first couple days were great and it seemed we (and his teacher) noticed a chance within 24/48 hours. Then today we had a rough day... but he DID eat some (non GF) chips at a friends house last night - so I can't help but wonder if that contributed to his behavior. I find it crazy that it could make him react so quickly - but the connection seems obvious. If any of you have any input, suggestions, favorite GF kids snacks or recipes - I would LOVE for you to weigh in! I plan to be posting lots of them here to the blog. I am really new to GF so feel free to share any experiences! 

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