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Swinger Sunday - "The Songs Never Sung"

This week for Swinger Sunday - meet Alisha from The Rockstar Mom Way
When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, the first thing he did was write our new baby a song.  It just seemed right.  Natural.  Now, almost 10 years and 3 more children later, we have 4 distinct baby songs, all of which we never sing. 
When I first heard Mark sing Johnathan “His” song, while still safe in my belly, I imagined us singing it to him everynight.  But we never did. Instead, Mark wrote a lullaby called “Smile for Me”, which we sang both of our boys (they were born 20 months apart) to sleep.  The same went for each and every song Mark wrote our children while in utero.The songs weren’t even recorded.  We talk about recording them all the time, but instead, they sit, unrecorded, just lyrics on whatever was around when Mark became inspired. Johnathan’s song was written on the back of a Blockbuster receipt.   Ryan’s was sent to me in an email.  Aleya’s was on a scrap of notebook paper; my Medical Terminology notes on the back.  Lyrik’s song is still stuck on Mark’s I-Mac. 
We sing every day. Sometimes that’s all we do. Sing.  And yet, the kids have never heard the songs that their father wrote them before they even entered the world.   We never even thought to sing them.  I think that it was just a given that we give the songs to them for only them to hear.  When the time is right, we’ll give them their songs.  They can then decide what they want to do with them.  But for now, they feel safe. The songs never sung.
Thanks so much for your post! Zaq has recorded a song for Izzaq. Its pretty awesome, and i love listening to it :) We also made a slideshow of photos on DVD and used it as the background music. Makes it even more special. Thanks again for sharing this little story with us! What about you guys? Anything special you have written for your kids? (p.s. - the photo below is nakey butt izzaq with his guitar at about 2 years old... :)
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