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A peek at our handmade christmas

So, i tried really hard this year, to buy mostly handmade...
I did a pretty good job...
I dont have pictures of most of it.
But, here are a few of the handmade things for the boys.

Our favorite...
The Beebles Rockin' Skull blocks.
You can find them here...

And here is a peek of their awesomeness at play :)

Next up, we got some awesome handmade crayons for the boys new art/learning room.
They're big, chunky and oversized for little hands to easily grab ahold of. We bought 2 different sets... one swirl set...that you can find below...

and one traditional solid colors set.
Again, a peek at play time :)

And last but not least... our Nightmare Sock monster. We also got them a neon skull one, but zave was to crabby for pictures, haha.
Most of Poisoned Creations sock monsters are one of a kind... but you can find similar ones here. Also, ask her for felt eyes to make them baby safe(er) :)

And, our last at play shot...

So yeah! The boys also made Zaq and skull piggy bank... and painted him some frames...

we bought some vintage lucy towels for grandma...

a pillow for the other grandma... some AMAZING white chocolate oreo bark from Just Bakin

SO yeah... i think thats about it! Check out the shop... not that christmas is over, we will be adding LOTS of new stuff... I have PILES of new fabrics just WAITING to grace the store :) Let me know what you think about all the gifts! And Im sure these other sellers would love for you to check them out as well!
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Interview on RockerByeBaby by Glamasaurus


It was so nice of her to spotlight on us. Everyone go check it out and leave some comments!!
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A bast from the past... where to find us...

Just for some posting content today...
I thought I would past my interview with GirlPunk.net
Click here to see it in person... RockerByeBaby Interview

How did your interest in your business begin?

As a mother of 2, I have learned that it is VERY expensive to keep you rockin babies looking rock n roll. Hot Topic charges almost $20 for a onesie that lasts only a few
months... if even that long. I was SO tired of the cheezy teddy bears and duckies; the mint green and baby blue... I knew there had to be more.

One day I just HAPPENED to walk into the fabric store and saw this awesome black and white skull fabric. I did not know such a thing existed!! So Istarted thinking, I could make a blanket out of this for the boys... so I did! MANY MANY compliments later, I decided I should share this with other Rockstar mama's like myself. And I swore I would sell my stuff as cheap as I could so that it is always affordable to have the things to keep the kiddies lookin "cool".

What made you want to start selling your creations and what were your expectations of it?

I was getting stopped by people left and right about my blankets. So I started making onesies and got the same reaction. I was a
stay at home mom at the time, so I figured I could put some time into some "crafting" make some cool stuff for my kids and if I sold some, awesome, but my expectations were pretty low. I never imagined it would be helping to pay the bills. Not to mention that my "selling blankets" has now turned into custom quilts, car seat covers, full crib sets, bibs, diaper clutches, etc etc etc.I couldn't be any happier at how this has turned out.

Is RockerByeBaby your only job?

I also work at a local store here in theTwin Cities called Patina (www.patinastores.com). Oh, and I take care of 2 kids and a daddy and a townhome. Haha My jobs are never ending.

Where do you draw inspiration for your creations?*

My kids are always my inspiration - and baby girls because I dont have one. Some of the coolest stuff I have made has been for little girls. I want one, but not enough to be pregnant AGAIN, haha, so I will just continue creating for OTHER cute little girls.

How would you describe your designs?

Rock N Roll!! Like our slogan says, we have "everything in stock for your baby to rock!!"

Anything Else?:

Yeah, come see us! Check out the store... add us as a friend on Myspace for new stuff and sales AND since GirlPunk.Net is SO awesome,
mention reading this article and you get 15% OFF your entire order!


ALSO... we were featured on MinneapolisPicks.com as a Chicks Picks of the week...
Click below to check it out...
RockerByeBaby Chick Pick

Punk Rock Fever

We like our babies like we like our men … easy on the eyes and a little edgy, so it’s understandable that the rock-star styles we found at Rocker Bye Baby made our hearts skip a beat.

From the ultra-plush blankets and made-to-order crib sets embellished with skulls to the rhinestone emblazoned clothes, this punkiefied proprietor is sure to please with its bevy of hip baby goods and fiercely original style.



Thanks for reading today! Off to the machine I go...
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Finally... it is time...

Hey everyone!!
Ive been waiting for months now...been DYING to set up a blog on Blogger...but of course the URL RockerByeBaby was taken...so here it is, I have FINALLY settled...http://punkrockerbyebaby.blogger.com  hopefully that works for everyone else... haha
So anyways... onto business... :)The store is in full bloom...orders constantly coming in and out...lots of crib sets are in the works...Lots of new things coming up...Baby and toddler travel neck pillows...Changing pads....MORE CLOTHES!! yay...Im really proud of my little store... hopefully you are all enjoying it!So here is a little peek of a few new things...and check out the store to see the rest!!Thanks guys!!!

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