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HAHA Happy Sunday - Enjoy every minute.

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LilleBaby Ambassador - I hope!

Lillebaby just put out a call that they are looking for ambassadors to spread the LIlleBaby love! If are a LIllebaby lover like I am, you should submit here!


Not sure what a LIlleBaby is? No problem - I can be the first to start your obsession. 

"• 6 Carry Positions - all the carrying positions in one.
• Ergonomic Face forward option.
• Priceless Lumbar Support
• Neck Support – understand the difference.
• Long life span. Baby weight range: 7*-45 lb
• Adjustable Wide-seat/Narrow-seat combo
• Hood"

My first Lillebaby experience was with MommyCon... They have such great colors, fun prints, and the organics are SOOOOOO soft. I won one, but I didn't have a baby at the time and had a friend that needed it more than I did as she just had a preemie. I felt like the extra snuggles were SO important to her, and handed it over. Then I was a participant in the 4th Trimester Body Project and received one in my VIP Gift bag!! Amazing. But guess what. My cousin had a new baby boy, they're on a VERY tight budget and I knew she would never get one otherwise... so again I passed it off to a mama that needed it more and could love it right away. But, guess what? Now I am pregnant! That means Im on the hunt for my own LIllebaby! Long story short - I would absolutely love to get the chance to be a LilleBaby ambassador and possibly spread the love TOO MUCH (if there is such a thing). Do you have a lillebaby? I would love to see photos and hear your reviews!

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Three new Joovy obsessions

Ok so when you spend as much time with MommyCon as I have had the pleasure of doing - you get exposed to quite a few products that you don't usually see walking the isles of Target. Joovy is one of those brands - and I want to scream about them from the roof tops. All their products are so bright & colorful... modern in design & so so functional. I can't wait to get my hands on some of their products for baby #4 (and mostly for myself)... Here are a few things I am just DYING to try out. 

1: The Joovy TooQool - Are you KIDDING ME with this thing? It is so obviously the cadillac of strollers for any mom of more than one. I love the Caboose & its quite a bit cheaper if you're on a budget - but one look at this thing and Im drooling. Seats 2 - and if you need room for a 3rd they have an optional ride on step!! This thing is nutty. Click the link above for more info and all the fancy schmancy details. 

2: Joovy Boob bottles - I mean, its called Boob. Is their any other reason that you need to purchase it? Just do it. Ok, but really... They're supposedly amazing for boob to bottle and back to boob... which after 3 babies - I realize can be a bit tricky. With Rozzlyn the trick was Tommee Tippee - but after hearing so many great things + the fact it's called the Joovy Boob, I have been sold and will soon start building my stash. OH and they have a pump attachment so it will hook up to my Madela to pump right into the bottle. WINNING!


#3: ANY of the Joovy Room play-yards: Seriously - all the reasons... They're big. They're easy to pop up. They're lightweight... They belong in the RockerByeBaby office so new baby can play/nap/etc while Im sewing away... while staying out of trouble. Ill take one of each in every color... k-thanks!

I had to stop myself at 3 or I would be here "shopping" all night... Joovy. Want it. Get it. Love it. Stay tuned for more posts as some of these come to live with me. Have any of them yourself? I would love to hear about them!

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Happy Birthday to ME!

The big 2-8. I guess that means I am getting close to being old? i dunno. I don't feel old. I mean... I feel older than say - when I was 16... but otherwise life seems to slowly get a little better year after year... normal bumps in the road, but things seem to settle a bit... kids get a little older (though we keep starting that over, lol). Summers come and go - kids go back to school... life has a sense of calm in its chaos. I don't mind getting older. I feel like 47 is going to be my year... or maybe 77... I guess what I am trying to say is that instead of complaining that I am one year closer to 30 - I am going to be thankful that I have one more year under my belt... one more year to say I did it, my family is alive and thriving, business is good, marriage is solid... and here's to many many more. 

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Nuby Non-Drip bottle review

Nuby always comes out with such great products, and these bottles are no exception to that. First - the colors are a HUGE selling point for me. I get so bored of the baby pastel colors out there... or cheesy prints of animals, butterflies, etc.

I love that these are just simple and bright. Though, they offer a lot more than just a fashionable look! "These bottles are made from high grade poly propylene which means they are FREE from Bisphenol A. Our patented variable flow Non-Drip™ Nipple features anti-colic valves to reduce the risk of colic and teething nubs to massage baby’s gums." Best part? Check my little slideshow below - the actually DON'T DRIP! Awesome. Oh, and one more awesome perk is these bottles are interchangeable with a lot of their different lids to make them spouts, straws, etc. as baby grows. Genius? Genius. Now, my kids were SUPER picky bottle takers in the beginning since they were exclusively breastfed. So for me they work best around 6 months when they're a little more established nursers and don't get too confused. BUT that was just my personal experience. Either way I highly recommend them and hope you check them out!

Get social with Nuby!





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