Three new Joovy obsessions

Ok so when you spend as much time with MommyCon as I have had the pleasure of doing - you get exposed to quite a few products that you don't usually see walking the isles of Target. Joovy is one of those brands - and I want to scream about them from the roof tops. All their products are so bright & colorful... modern in design & so so functional. I can't wait to get my hands on some of their products for baby #4 (and mostly for myself)... Here are a few things I am just DYING to try out. 

1: The Joovy TooQool - Are you KIDDING ME with this thing? It is so obviously the cadillac of strollers for any mom of more than one. I love the Caboose & its quite a bit cheaper if you're on a budget - but one look at this thing and Im drooling. Seats 2 - and if you need room for a 3rd they have an optional ride on step!! This thing is nutty. Click the link above for more info and all the fancy schmancy details. 

2: Joovy Boob bottles - I mean, its called Boob. Is their any other reason that you need to purchase it? Just do it. Ok, but really... They're supposedly amazing for boob to bottle and back to boob... which after 3 babies - I realize can be a bit tricky. With Rozzlyn the trick was Tommee Tippee - but after hearing so many great things + the fact it's called the Joovy Boob, I have been sold and will soon start building my stash. OH and they have a pump attachment so it will hook up to my Madela to pump right into the bottle. WINNING!


#3: ANY of the Joovy Room play-yards: Seriously - all the reasons... They're big. They're easy to pop up. They're lightweight... They belong in the RockerByeBaby office so new baby can play/nap/etc while Im sewing away... while staying out of trouble. Ill take one of each in every color... k-thanks!

I had to stop myself at 3 or I would be here "shopping" all night... Joovy. Want it. Get it. Love it. Stay tuned for more posts as some of these come to live with me. Have any of them yourself? I would love to hear about them!

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