LilleBaby Ambassador - I hope!

Lillebaby just put out a call that they are looking for ambassadors to spread the LIlleBaby love! If are a LIllebaby lover like I am, you should submit here!


Not sure what a LIlleBaby is? No problem - I can be the first to start your obsession. 

"• 6 Carry Positions - all the carrying positions in one.
• Ergonomic Face forward option.
• Priceless Lumbar Support
• Neck Support – understand the difference.
• Long life span. Baby weight range: 7*-45 lb
• Adjustable Wide-seat/Narrow-seat combo
• Hood"

My first Lillebaby experience was with MommyCon... They have such great colors, fun prints, and the organics are SOOOOOO soft. I won one, but I didn't have a baby at the time and had a friend that needed it more than I did as she just had a preemie. I felt like the extra snuggles were SO important to her, and handed it over. Then I was a participant in the 4th Trimester Body Project and received one in my VIP Gift bag!! Amazing. But guess what. My cousin had a new baby boy, they're on a VERY tight budget and I knew she would never get one otherwise... so again I passed it off to a mama that needed it more and could love it right away. But, guess what? Now I am pregnant! That means Im on the hunt for my own LIllebaby! Long story short - I would absolutely love to get the chance to be a LilleBaby ambassador and possibly spread the love TOO MUCH (if there is such a thing). Do you have a lillebaby? I would love to see photos and hear your reviews!

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