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Giveaway Tuesday!! Boudoir session from AE Photography!

This ones for the ladies! Every mama/lady deserves the chance to really just FEEL beautiful... and AE Photography is giving you that chance and capturing it forever :) 

Ashley is offering one FREE Boudoir Session to one special lady!  You must be a fan of ae and leave a comment on our fanpage to qualify.  Entering requires a message to me (either through the blog,website, email – aephotography.info@yahoo.com, or facebook) explaining why you would like a Boudoir Session by ae and why the discount would mean so much.  You must also include a photo.  The main requirement is that you are fully open to giving Ashley the create freedom she needs to produce the shots she is looking to create.  We are also doing a promo video for ae, so short video clips may be taken (modest ones, of course) throughout the session to be included in our 5 minute promo.  We will also be using them to feature on our site, fanpage & during meetings.  A contract/model release will be signed before the session stating these details.  You will be notified of our favorite shots and when/where we plan to showcase them.

The style of ae | boudoir has always been described as “natural sexy.”  We are not Hustler or anything even remotely close to it.  We keep our photos tasteful and showcase your beauty in a very natural, expressive, sexy way.  We will have a phone, email, or online chat discussing everything so we are fully comfortable and excited for our session together!  I will also have you do an online search to find images you really love, because this session is for you, too!  Poses, styling, coloring, etc. are all things that make each session different from the next.  While I have many things I plan to do, I definitely want you to be able to select some of your favorite poses and looks!
The session will be done in your home to create the most organic feel.  This is definitely good if you are having this session done for you man.  It makes it much more personal!  If for some reason you home will not work out, we can discuss other options.  Upscale hotels (or anything unique & modern) make great options, however the client will be in charge of arrangements & payment.  Travel within 40 miles of 61049 is included free of charge unless otherwise approved by ae.  Standard travel fees apply after that!  A stylist is also an option as an add-on for an additional charge.  Let me know if you are interested in that!   Albums, products, prints, full photo discs, etc. are available at an additional charge.  This free session will include a private Online Gallery to view  an order prints & products.  I will also send you websize, watermarked versions of the photos we use for promotional purposes for you to keep and share.    I will email you our full pricing guide,which gives you more insight into what our boudoir sessions are like.  I can also email those who enter a password to our private boudoir gallery featuring sample photos from many boudoir sessions.This is going to be great fun!  Think feeling laid back, dressing up, playing model for the day and, most of all, feeling extra beautiful and having some great shots to hold onto forever!  Don’t worry if you’re shy or think you would feel uncomfortable–we will make you comfortable, and you will have FUN!  These sessions are “no boys allowed” in the shooting space, so don’t worry about Eric!  The session will take place within the next 2 months–possibly fairly soon.  I will keep this giveaway option for a little while–no specifics as of now.  A post will go up when it is closed.  I look forward to your submissions! Contact us any questions!By the way, our Self Portrait Contest will be up and running very soon now!  This will be like no other contest that we have done before.  We will be offereing gift cards as a fun gift for the winner, and that’s not all!  The gift card amounts will go up with every set of entires in the specific amount!  Check back for that!  I really can’t wait to get it started and see all of your self portraits.***Thanks to our wonderful client for these sample photos she took of her custom boudoir album we created for her man!

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Swinger Sunday: TO DO - Werk :)

Meet Ashely - The mama behind AE Photography... Shes Super Mom in my eyes... but like the rest of us WAHM's, sometimes we start to jumble out priorities and get overwhelmed. So I figured, what a perfect Swinger Sunday post with all the supportive and understanding mama's we have here :) Leave her some love!

The other day when Ella was getting her hair cut, it got me thinking. I watched the stylists clean their stations, call over a client, give them a cut, get paid, clean up their station again and move onto the next client. They show up to work on time, do their job, make a living and be done with it. They can head home and leave work behind them. I sometimes wonder what that feels like.

When you have three children and work out of your home doing a job that is both yours and your husband's full time deal, things can become jumbled together. It's safe to say work is never far from my thoughts--even when on vacation, during the holidays or while sleeping. There is always stuff to ponder, stress over and get excited about. I assume this might be much easier for husband and wife photography teams that do not have children, but there isn't much we can't do about that! It takes a lot of dedication and determination to say "I am done with work for the day and will focus only on the kiddos & the husband."

When I see something like this photo, it breaks my heart a little. I know that every child has working parents, and ours actually get to see us more than most children get to see their parents... but I know it can be rough for them, because we are always together, and yet we are focused on work a majority of the time. We have decided to make annual summer vacations a top priority in this household, as well as mini spring getaways. Babies grow up so fast, and as important as it is to be dedicated to your job and work as hard as you possibly can--don't forget to stop, free your mind and focus on your little ones. Work issues may see oh-so-important now, but the only thing you will ever truly regret is not being the parent you always meant to be. You only get one shot.

I have decided to add a little ice skating, monster trucks and bowling to my to-do list. I'll have to have Ella modify the one she made for me on our calendar for this month!

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So... Im planning ahead for a flash back... right now its Friday... but technically when I post this it will be Sunday... and ill hopefully probably be passed out in my giant bed at the Hard Rock... and I knew i would just HAVE to post a little something for you... For those of you that have seen all these... sorry for being repetitive, lol just thought it would be fun... lots of newbies here now to share with!

A year ago, July 18th 2009, I married my hubby. We had a small, close family & friends wedding... almost 100% handmade and very eco friendly decor... I tried VERY hard to make it special in this manor. We were on a tight budget so I worked out trades with many etsiers... and in the end, it turned out to be absolutely beautiful, and we were even featured on The Off Beat Bride! What an honor. IT was a beautiful day, and im SO glad we did it this way, rather than the big over the top wedding. Take a peek at some of my favorite pics and reminisce with me :)
I was married in Sequin Black Mono Converse :) And my dress was on clearance from Jessica McClintock for $135. SCORE! Though, if I could change anything, I would have splurged and gotten a handmade etsy dress :)My engagement ring was made on Etsy, a shop that specifically deals with Titanium & Diamonds, LOVE it... and I rigged up the cake topper w/ the guitar :)
I did the flowers myself... red roses, black feathers & damask fabric scraps. LOVED them. Cost me about $50 to make all 6 bouquets... and the flower girl threw dried rose petals from when zaq gave me flowers when the boys' were born. Saved money & VERY special.Zaq wrote me a song, played it during the ceremony, it everyone clapped when he finished, lol it was perfect.Ties were handmade from RokGear on Etsy... the boys' vests were made my Grandma Dawn...
family. The cutest Skully Bride & Groom, a gift from a friend, bought on etsy.awesomest wedding party on earth :)
he was saying something naughty....
I love you baby. I can't be me without you.
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Still Wordless Wednesday :)

My girl Alysia stopped over today with some work for the store... we hung out for awhile... and drooled over how ADORABLE Benjamin is... talked about how I need to make new clothes just so he can wear them... then *lightbulb* the hoodie!! and so it was done... I had the perfect size for him already made... so we threw it on and out to the patio we went... here are some of my fav's that i snapped... what do ya think?

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Wordless Wednesday Eco @ the park

it's no secret that we lovvvve barley and birch... I snapped this photo with my iPhone yesterday at the park and just love it. Zaverys flowing hair... Adorable shirt...and running through the air, lol ... Pretty awesome shot if I must say so myself :)
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