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Nuby Review Spoon and Fork Travel Set

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I am always on the hunt to make packing lunches easier and more eco-friendly... now with that sometimes means losing things that either you love, were expensive or both... (like when Izzaq accidentally threw away my favorite StellarCheri sandwich bag... boooooo)... Nuby offers so many great lunch options. And this Travel set of Spoons and Forks can be added to that list.  At just $5.99 per set they are super affordable... and its not the end of the world if one ends up in the trash. Sometimes I pack the boys mandarin oranges, cottage cheese, etc. Things that need utensils. And I don't want to risk losing our dinner silverware.... and I don't like the idea of the plastic throw away stuff... so this was the perfect solution! And they even match some of our other nuby lunch goodies like that yellow cup with the carrots in it :) I just toss em in the dishwasher when they're dirty... then store them in the travel container so they don't get mixed up with everything else. (Because I am OCD and like keeping their lunch stuff all together...) 


Purchase Here: BuyBabyDirect

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Nuby Oral Care Set Review

Opening this package from Nuby got Ms. Rozzlyn pretty excited. I have to say, it may have just graduated to her favorite Nuby item. Because above all other things - Rozzlyn LOVES to brush her teeth. The Nuby Oral Care Set is great for newborns - toddlers offering 4 stages for proper dental hygiene. 

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"Stage 1: Soft silicone brush that fits on your finger for newborn gums.
Stage 2: Soft gum massager for those first teeth.
Stage 3: Soft brush to help clean and massage older babies teeth and gums.
Stage 4: Soft bristle brush for those older baby and toddler teeth."

Rozzlyn likes to use Stages 2 and 3 to chew on when her teeth are hurting as they come in. And when its time to really brush, we use Stage 4 with a little toddler safe toothpaste. 

I love the shape of the brushes. They are great for little hands and easy for her to hold on to. The silicone grip makes it so that she doesn't drop it if her hands get wet, and the pink and lime green colors are adorable! She would probably sit and brush her teeth for hours if I would let her! I am so thankful to have a kid that loves brushing her teeth - and Nuby's new Oral Care Set makes it so easy. I also heard that they have a new toddler toothpaste out!! I will have to get my hands on some and try it out with our new brushes!

You can get your hands on your own set a Baby Depot in Burlington.


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Nuby Click-It No-Spill Insulated Cool Sipper Review

Nuby Click-It No-Spill Insulated Cool Sipper... say that 3 times fast! This is by far... my FAVORITE Nuby cup... we were in love with the older version... and now it has been updated to the new Click-It style and it is even better! This is the only cup I have had that has NEVER EVER leaked. The others are good, but this one is GREAT. 


FIrst off, I love the vibrant Jewel toned colors. I am not a fan of pastels or cheesy baby things... but these cups feature cute designs and great colors... Seriously? That owl cup? Adorable! We have one of those too... And the rocket... and 3 of the old style... ;) Addicted much? Absolutely. It is SUCH a great cup... and has lots of great features. 

  • 18 months +
  • 9oz/ 270ml
  • Insulated base keeps drinks cooler for, longer
  • NEW one piece No-Spill™ soft silicone rim
  • Touch-Flo™ Technology, that activates as soon as your child puts their mouth on the spout
  • Leak Proof Technology that you can see and hear!
  • Hear the “click” know its locked!
  • Endorsed by Pediatric Dentist Dr. Grace Yum

This cup is so easy to put together... easy to clean... easy for her to drink out of... and like I said before, I have never had one leak... The only thing is that since it is insulated you can't put the cup in the dishwasher... I do put the lid and silicone into the diswahser though... then just hand wash the bottom. Easy Peasy... Rozz approves... I approve... And if I could only recommend one sippy cup EVER - of all the sippy cups in sippy cup land, this one would be it... and guess what - I have one for YOU!! Its one of the older styles without the "click-it" feature... purple - and has a super cute little ballerina on it. 


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Nuby Nickelodeon Flip Cup Review

How do you send your picky kid to school every day with cold lunch, without having to buy a ton of juice boxes? Using the Nuby Nickelodeon Flip Cups of course!!


 My 6 year old loves bouncing between milk & juice in his lunch box... An easy choice would be juice boxes and pre-packaged milk... but I try to avoid that kind of stuff whenever possible. I prefer to be able to pour him a glass of fresh organic milk... and even at 6 I still water down his juice... So I don't really like to send him with a juice box unless I am really in a pinch. Though I have been known to pick up the Honest Kids organic pouches at Costco. Im rambling a bit, but the point is - I always try to use reusable containers for their lunch boxes whenever possible. 


In the background of this photo you can see the Nuby Storage bowls. Their actual purpose is for baby food. But, they work PERFECTLY for separating their lunch. The lids stay tight, yet are easy enough for them to get off on their own. I also have reusable snack bags that I use from Stellar Cheri... and I send them with my very own UnPaper towels. The only think we were missing was a "cool" cup for him to use. Thankfully, Nuby solved that problem for us! 

No-Spill™ Nickelodeon™ Printed Flip-it™

  • Step 3: Straw Drinking
  • 12 months +
  • 10oz / 300ml
  • No-Spill™
  • Fun Nickelodeon™ prints
  • A seamless transition to true straw drinking
  • Encourages natural drinking action & oral development
  • Perfect for on the go drinking

Now - technically it is a cup geared towards younger kids learning to use a straw. However, he has always prefered the straw cup style, so this worked perfect. Plus, it has Sponge Bob on it... so as a 6 year old boy he thinks that is pretty cool. The no spill straw & the flip top combo make it a great choice for a leak free lunch box. Just make sure the lid is on properly or you could have a mess! 


The cup fits perfectly into his lunch box, and even matches his storage bowls. I totally recommend this cup, and it comes in a wide array of prints to choose from. (The also have solids as well in a similar style.)

Available at these retailers:

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Nuby Click-It No-Spill Flex Straw

LOVING this new cup from Nuby!  


This straw style has always been one of our favorites - but I am absolutely in love with the new click technology!! Instead of hoping the lid is on right, now you know for sure! Rozzlyn loves it - the only thing is she sometimes forgets it has the straw inside and gets frustrated if she tips it up and nothing comes out... but the design is great. And I may be crazy but it seems as if its even a softer plastic... LOVE! The color combos are really fun & bright and the silicone is really soft against her little lips. I also LOVE the fact that the straw has the flex feature, it bends really easily and still works well even if she isn't drinking with the straw perfectly straight.


"Nuby’s new Clik-it™ range of cups offers leak proof technology that you can see and hear so moms and dads won’t have to worry about spills and leaks! Our new and unique FlexStraw™ is engineered specially to fit your child’s small hands. FlexStraw™ features an innovative, ergonomic shape with easy-grips on the bottle that ensures a comfortable, secure grasp. This revolutionary design is made for the parent on the go and is great for day picnics, hikes, and your child’s recreational activities! The soft silicone straw is uniquely designed to prevent drips and spills while being delicate and gentle to gums and teeth. All Nûby™ products are made of safe, durable, materials and exceed all government safety regulations and standards." 

Want one? It is available at Target / Target.com & T J Maxx

Get social with Nuby! www.facebook.com/nubyusa www.twitter.com/nubyusa www.pinterest.com/nubyusa www.instagram.com/nubyusa

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