Nuby Nickelodeon Flip Cup Review

How do you send your picky kid to school every day with cold lunch, without having to buy a ton of juice boxes? Using the Nuby Nickelodeon Flip Cups of course!!


 My 6 year old loves bouncing between milk & juice in his lunch box... An easy choice would be juice boxes and pre-packaged milk... but I try to avoid that kind of stuff whenever possible. I prefer to be able to pour him a glass of fresh organic milk... and even at 6 I still water down his juice... So I don't really like to send him with a juice box unless I am really in a pinch. Though I have been known to pick up the Honest Kids organic pouches at Costco. Im rambling a bit, but the point is - I always try to use reusable containers for their lunch boxes whenever possible. 


In the background of this photo you can see the Nuby Storage bowls. Their actual purpose is for baby food. But, they work PERFECTLY for separating their lunch. The lids stay tight, yet are easy enough for them to get off on their own. I also have reusable snack bags that I use from Stellar Cheri... and I send them with my very own UnPaper towels. The only think we were missing was a "cool" cup for him to use. Thankfully, Nuby solved that problem for us! 

No-Spill™ Nickelodeon™ Printed Flip-it™

  • Step 3: Straw Drinking
  • 12 months +
  • 10oz / 300ml
  • No-Spill™
  • Fun Nickelodeon™ prints
  • A seamless transition to true straw drinking
  • Encourages natural drinking action & oral development
  • Perfect for on the go drinking

Now - technically it is a cup geared towards younger kids learning to use a straw. However, he has always prefered the straw cup style, so this worked perfect. Plus, it has Sponge Bob on it... so as a 6 year old boy he thinks that is pretty cool. The no spill straw & the flip top combo make it a great choice for a leak free lunch box. Just make sure the lid is on properly or you could have a mess! 


The cup fits perfectly into his lunch box, and even matches his storage bowls. I totally recommend this cup, and it comes in a wide array of prints to choose from. (The also have solids as well in a similar style.)

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