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That one time when Lillebaby and Tokidoki made a baby...

...and my heart exploded.

SERIOUSLY!! This is pretty much the most amazing collaboration EVER. I am obsessed with Tokidoki... and I am obsessed with LIllebaby... and they just TEAMED UP to make this...

So OBVIOUSLY I am pretty excited about it... And yes, one will be coming to live with me... 6 different carries, breathable mesh panel, lumbar support, ability to cross straps if needed, adjustable back panel - OMG! So many options...

Get yours at lillebaby.com or any of these retailers:

A Much Better Way
Baby Sweet Pea’s
Basic Baby Shop
Blossoming Mama
Castle Rock a My Baby
Cloud 9 Baby
Dearest Diapers
Figgy Fuzz
Fluff Envy
Go Baby Go Shop
Heart Hugs
Heavenly Hold
Hippie Baby
Itsy Bitsy Bums
Kelly’s Closet
Kissed By The Moon
Lil Tulips
Maison Drake
Nature Baby Outfitter
Planet Bambini
Simple Cloth
Simply Carried
Sweet Cheeks Baby
Wee Sprout

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Loving our Lillebaby!

Recently I lost the Tula love - I sold all 3 of my carriers (I had 2 standards and a Toddler Tula) and got a Lillebaby. I have to say, Im in love. Unlike the Tula, the Lillebaby doesn't require any newborn inserts. It is full adjustable and for a newborn you just adjust the seat snaps to make it more narrow. I LOVE that you can have even a newborn up at kissable height and knee to knee… The fit is SO amazing, it has a nice high back, and the lumbar support is SO NICE… the best part, is we have the Airflow… so when its hot you just unzip the panel and its a nice breathable mesh material. Love, love, LOVE - expect more #lillelove coming soon!


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WE DID IT! Official LILLEbrity!

If you remember from a couple weeks back we entered to be a part of the LilleBaby Ambassador program. Basically that means I get to try out all their brand spankin' new products and then come tell you ALL about them. This exciting for both of us. Why? Because I get to try fun new stuff for Rozz & new baby of course! 2: Because I get to come back here and help fellow mama's and papa's decide which carrier is best for them. They have SO many options and are soon releasing a new carrier sized to carrier your toddler, as well. I can't wait for that one! My favorite new item on the way is their actual Toddler Carrier... It's a carrier - for your toddler. Seriously. What is cuter than that? Can you imagine Rozz running around with a cabbage patch buckled to her chest?! I love it. So keep checking back as we will be posting all our favorite new LilleBaby goodies here at the blog!

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