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Were gunna start reviewing shops!

Hey guys!
Great news!! The blog is rockin and were gunna start reviewing shops, for your reading pleasure... were gunna take allll the hard work out of shopping... show you the best shops... with GREAT detailed, kid tested and mommy approved items... The best of the best handmade shops. And at the end of the review, each shop featured will give away ONE item of their choice to you! Free! How excited are you!! Super excited, I know... cuz I AM!! So yeah! Look forward to our first review!

Thanks so much!
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GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT!! RockerByeBaby is doing a 100% FREEEEEEE Give away!!
Go to....


and leave a comment.. you dont have to have an account to leave a comment...

Leave a comment saying something nice about the shop and at the end of the week..
They pick ONE winner to get my free SKullie, and I pay to ship it to you...
Where can you go wrong in that!??

So... GO!! DO IT!!


The giveaway item.... below :)

Dont forget to check the shop too:)
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Supporting the babies daddy... haha

GET A FREE CRASH/BURN/REPEAT CD!!!Click the graphic above to go to their site and add them as a friend!

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