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Best customer email EVER!

I have to share this with you... it gave me goosebumps. And its emails like this that keep me going on little sleep & late nights... stress etc. THIS STUFF RIGHT HERE - makes it all worth it :)

"Hello, Amber! I know you're a busy lady but I just have to share this story with you.

This past August I was searching your site just for fun. That's when I saw it. The Pink Japanese Kawaii Blanket deer cherries skulls with fuchsia minky swirl. It was love at first site. I had fallen for other fabrics in the past but none had taken my breath away like this. I instantly posted it to my Facebook page with the caption, "This site makes me want another baby and all the disposable income in the world". I thought about buying it right then but thought I had better sleep on it. My daughter did already have a rockin' blanket by you.

The next morning I went to my mother's house. She asked me what I had posted to Facebook, "What the hell is a pink Japanese blah blah something something?". I pulled up my Facebook to show her the link to the blanket. That's when my heart broke a little. It had been sold. I hadn't noticed the red sold tag the night before. I spent the next few days searching the internet for the fabric. Nothing.

November 5th was my daughter's first birthday. My mother handed me a gift to help my daughter open. I pulled out the tissue paper to see the Pink Japanese Kawaii blanket sitting in the gift bag. "But? How? Did she make another one? Oh my god!!!!". My mother had bought it the night I posted it to Facebook and then played dumb the next day. She kept it a secret for months. The most beautiful blanket in the world is now mine, um, I mean my daughter's. Thank you so much! You're products are amazing and I cannot wait to collect more."

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I wanna tell you all a fun story... even at the risk of sounding cocky... cuz sometimes... ya just have to be to prove a point, lol A new top 10 customer of mine... (you may know her on twitter as @CrazyMamaofFive) came to me about a month ago with a big complaint... no no, not about me silly! About another etsy shop... She had spent a pretty penny on a blanket for her princess (FINALLY a princess after 4 boys... can you imagine!?) Anyways... she was really disappointed with the overall quality for the high price she paid... Asked the seller to fix it... and same thing again... bummer right?! Well then she found me... she explained her story, and entrusted me to make her a blanket...

I felt so bad I rushed her blanket right out... I must have made her happy because since then she has bought... three? baby blankets i believe? As well as now 4 adult blankets... which also has a fun story behind it... She wanted to buy them... but was debating on the price or 3 or 4... (duh, 4 adult blankets is expensive!) So when hubby was giving her a little flack about how she was going to be late to a function... he said Ill make you a bet..... I bet you wont be in the car by X time... if you are, ill buy all 4 blankets for you... (knowing she would NEVER make in time...) but she said your on!! Needless to say... RockerByeBaby blankets have some amazing power... even over mama's... cuz guess who made it in the car... and guess who just had 4 adult blankets shipped to her in time for Mothers Day? Sarah.

 haha... way to go mama! Thanks for being such a great new customer, i really appreciate it. Happy Mothers Day. P.s. Check out Sarah's etsy shop (Annabellas Designs) for the cutest baby/toddler/kids bows in history... Also - stay tuned... cuz she is apart of the BABY BASH for Aymee!! Yay!

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