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3 Stage Feeding Set from Nuby - a must have for all moms!!

Alright - I know Im always bragging up Nuby... but they're genius. Here is why... one bottle/cup... three transitioning options. When you have a baby one of the overwhelming things can be trying to figure out which bottle & or cup they will go for. Zavery was by far my pickiest child. I tried EVERYTHING to get him to nurse - he wouldn't... then we went through about 8 different bottle brands and styles... he finally adjusted to a Tommy Tippie bottle. But wow - I wish I would have had these for him at that time!! Nuby has so many great bottle options from BPA free plastic, to glass, narrow or wide nipples... textured... everything your baby might like... and as they grow and change, the 3 Stage Feeding Set is a MUST in helping with the transition.
In each set you get the 3 tops shown above... and one bottom. All the tops are interchangeable with the same bottom... they grow and change with baby... and if your baby is like Rozz - she might prefer one over the other. Rozz is a BIG fan of stage 3 :) And Mr. Kieran tried one out too! His favorite was stage 2.  Personally - I love them all. They're so easy to clean - no little parts...  just function.  "Engineered to make feeding and handling easier, for both mother and child, the Easy-Grip 3 Stage Feeding System is perfect for beginners. Your little one will find the transition from bottle to cup an easy one with the cup's soft silicone spout, Sport Sipper straw and the unique contour shape that easily fits their small hands. You will be delighted with the transition thanks to Nûby's leak resistant design."
Another top of the line product from Nuby & a must have for all mama's & babies!

Want one?

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Nuby One Touch Electric Warmer and Sterilizer Review

Last week we had the opportunity to try out the Nuby One Touch Electric Warmer and Sterilizer - and it couldn't have come at a better time... this winter has just been a vicious cycle of colds, flus, and stomach bugs... and the best way to stop that train in its tracks? Getting rid of the germs...
My favorite feature about this gem is that it sterilizes all the little pieces that go directly into Ms. Rozzlyns mouth... pacifiers, bottle nipples, etc. So when were battling the germs... just popping the paci's into the sterilizer is an easy way to get them all germ free in minutes. All you have to do is pour the required amount of water into the base, insert your items, and hit the button... and it shuts off when its done. Its that simple!

And when you're done - it doubles as a warmer for bottles and jars of baby food. This is a MUST have for any parent... and definitely something I can see using long after were done with the baby phase. There are always small things that need sterilizing... and it works great for all the sippy cup parts too!

"The 2-in-1 design of this Natural Touch™ Warmer and Sterilizer evenly and safely warms breast milk, formula and baby food. Or you can use it as a quick and easy-to-use sterilizer for bottles and pacifiers. It sterilizes in just minutes! Simply use measuring cup (included) to add water, load the sterilizer and touch the button to start."

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