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Giveaway #5: OllieBeez

I can't even begin to count the number of times that I was completely overwhelmed by the flashing lights and annoying sounds of an interactive toy.  I have 3 kids... I've been parenting for over 5 years now, and there have been so many toys in and out of our house that as the years go on, I am starting to change my thoughts on play time. At first as a new mom I wanted all the most interactive gadgets for my baby/toddler that I could get my hands on. But, looking back now, I wish I would have never given in to those things. It seems like now a days so many kids aren't even capable of just "playing"... Asking my oldest to go to the play room to play with the Thomas the Train set, or color in a coloring book is like a terrible chore for him... By the time I got to my middle son, I had realized how these things have changed their play time, and really started pushing more classic toys and creative play. It shows... he loves puzzles, coloring, playdough, etc. He is great at entertaining himself and doesn't need to constantly be stimulated like my oldest. And now this time around with Rozzlyn, I want to be really sure that we are going back to basics. With this is mind, I came across OllieBeez.

OllieBeez is a super cute shop specializing in custom wooden blocks for kids. She has everything from cowgirls to Dr. Seuss to shabby chic styles, monkeys and more. There is something for everyone. Not only are these blocks adorable decorations propped on a shelf in a nursery, but they are perfect creative play toys. Stacking, sorting, and building with blocks are a great way to stimulate your little ones imagination. And not only that but each block has 2 letters on it, all 13 combined represent the entire alphabet... therefore making it a great educational toy as well. Each block is hand painted with non-toxic paint, the papers cut and letters placed by hand as well. Then Sealed with non-toxic sealant making it safe for babies and toddlers. But always use common sense... they're play blocks, not teething toys ;) While searching through OllieBeez shop, I came across the CUTEST block set that I will have to get for Rozzlyn. They are perfectly girly, but still a twist of hidden Rock N Roll when you look closely. There are little skulls in the duck and the rattle! Love, love love ;)
When OllieBeez agreed to do this giveaway I was so excited. They seemed right up her alley. The mama behind the blocks was so sweet to work with and I can see that as a customer, her customer service is amazing. She responded promptly and was eager to get started on the project.  And did I mention, a mom to 4 month old TWINS!? Where does she find the time!? Together she and I came up with the closest match to Ashley's nursery colors as possible (on short notice). If we had a little more time we could have gotten even closer by ordering specialty papers! But I think the final look is just perfect. We chose a light yellow base for the block... and then all sorts of shabby chic graphics in light aqua blues, grays, etc. I think it will go great with Ashley's modern with a vintage twist nursery... and can already picture the little man playing in his room stacking up blocks with mommy :)

Adorable, right? Well, don't feel left out. OllieBeez has been SO sweet as to give us a set for you... but not just any set - one special just for you :) The winner will choose from a custom designed block set from OllieBeez. Match your nursery, your play room, any place you want. Or maybe just your favorite character or theme! The options are endless. Good Luck!How to win:
#1: Heart OllieBeez on Etsy.
#2: Heart your favorite pair of booties in the OllieBeez shop, then come back and comment below, telling us which one you would choose if you win.
#3: Fan the OllieBeez facebook page.
#4: Fan the RockerByeBaby facebook page.
#5: Heart RockerByeBaby on Etsy.
#6: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog. (in the upper right hand side.)

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Let the Baby Bash Begin!! (with BabyBooFelt)

Day one of Mrs. Aymee Dangers Baby Bash!!
We have prizes galore!! Every day will mean a new giveaway... or maybe two? Maybe three? Who knows!! Were wild around here... Since we have a giveaway running from yesterdays post what do ya say we go live with a twitter giveaway!? Sounds like a fun way to start it off right!? All through the week you will be able to keep tabs on the shower with the Twitter tag #BabyBloggingBash

Welcome Ailie from Baby Boo Felt to the stands!
Ailie is easily the queen when it comes to cloth blocks... They are the cutest... softest... squishiest... and funnest blocks on the planet. She made one for Aymee (and Maddie I suppose, lol) out of the adorable black & white doodle skulls... and some crazy pink and purple fur. Cute right!? And how fun are the tags!? All babies LOVE tags...
and the lucky winner of this giveaway with get one made of Japanese Black and red skulls... with red minky dot. If the boys were younger i would definitely be buying one for them. It turned out SO cute.
SO how do you win? You MUST be a follower of both @BabyBooFelt & @rockerbyebaby... then all you have to do is Re-Tweet this:
Fabric Blocks giveaway @RockerByeBaby by @BabyBooFelt MUST FOLLOW THEN RETWEET to win! #BabyBloggingBash http://bit.ly/di4IhV
You can tweet up to ONE time an HOUR if you want... but no more than that... The winner will be chosen when we reach 500 (slow start... lets bump it down to 300) tweets! Update: We are currently at 175 tweets 5/11 8am  Could be an hour, a day... a week! Who knows!? Just start tweeting!!!

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