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Giveaway #7: BlueMoonCrochet adorable baby bird rattle

omg, omg, omg... can we say SOOOOOO CUTE?! Blue Moon Crochet is officially on my "must buy for baby" list... I am always on the hunt for cute, handmade, and natural toys for baby... and Blue Moon Crochet is exactly what everyone needs...
THey have owls...
They have beavers...Elephants...and oh oh oh so adorable bird rattles..."This hand crocheted little bird fits perfectly in the hands of babies and toddlers. Its shape is ideal for them to learn to hold objects, chew, and engage in other sensory motions."Blue Moon Crochet sent the red bird rattle that you see above to Sarah and baby Evan, and is giving one to you too! One lucky winner will receive a bird rattle of their choice :)
How to Win: (comment below with each entry in a separate comment)#1: Fan Blue Moon Crochet on facebook.#2: Fan RockerByeBaby on facebook.#3: Go to the Blue Moon Crochet shop - and favorite her shop.#4: If you win - what color would you choose. 
ALso - she has so generously given us all a coupon code! If you would like to make a purchase, you can get 15% off if you use the code:  Shower15 

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