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Wordless Wednesday: Creative Play

3 kids... one wooden toy = Creative Play that even SaraSophia would be proud of ;)

Maddie: Her mommy runs BDPhotography

Early in the month we won this Labyrinth from the @FentonSlee She has a Blog called Paisley and Pretty's. This christmas has been all about wooden toys & handmade goodies & creative play... so winning this was jsut the icing on the cake! The kids sat there quietly for about 45 minutes... not kidding... MY KIDS!  and were VERY involved with making the balls make their way through the maze... Im so excited for our Creative Play christmas and seeing them with this just ensured that all my thoughts were right... Shortly after I decided to go this route for xmas - SaraSophia posted an AMAZING blog about their transition from plastic, overwhelming commercialized toys to real, true creative play... and it only inspired me MORE! I urge everyone to take a second to read it... its wonderful. So, as usual my Wordless Wednesday is full of words... I guess you could say I have a big mouth... err...keyboard? I dunno, lol but Ill hush up now so you can go read Saras post... then come back here and tell me what you think :)

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