Now, how cool is this... Not only does Chef Jen get to take credit for writing the most awesome children's' recipe book in the world, The Toddler Cafe... (yeah, i said it... ITS TRUE!) But she is also super rad! Yesterday after I wrote the blog featuring her book as one of the topics... I sent her an @ reply on twitter.... (@ChefJen) and a short little message on facebook letting her know about my post... Honestly - I didnt expect anything back... Her book gets blogged all the time... She has ALL sorts of press, and in no way did I actally think we were cool enough to get her attention, lol Well - we were... Because not only did she comment on the blog... which i totally LOVED... but she is offering up a book to giveaway to one lucky reader!!! How excited are you guys!? Im excited and its not even for me. Since she was so generous I wanted to sneak this post in early... This giveaway is gunna be EXTRA special and run for 2 whole weeks... So I want you guys twittering, posting, facebooking... whatever you can do to get this book out there... Why do you ask? Well... Lets talk about my love for it some more... :)

Reasons to love The Toddler Cafe:
#1 - Because Jen is awesome... theres a photo of her on facebook with Guy from Diners, Drive Ins & Dives.... one of mine & the hubby's favorite shows... JEALOUS!
#2 - BEcause she makes one of the hardest most stressful things about toddlers - feeding them - easier... and anything that can make my crazy day a little easier is 100% a-ok in my book...
#3 - Because her husband is the photographer... Not ONLY does he take all of the coolest most fun photos for the book, but he has his own site called 350 Degrees Photography and some of THOSE photos are just too cool to describe.
#4 - because she is a funny & witty writer and makes the book so much more than just a Cook Book... it really is an enjoyable read.
#5 - Because the kids look SOOO happy when they eat their grub. They have fun prepping it... cooking it... & eating it. Even if it does take an hour in the bath tub to get them clean :)
#6 - Because its not just a kids cool book... i am DYING to try these Pumpkin Raviolis.... YUM!

#7 - and probably the coolest of them all... because she loves all things Japanese & Kawii possibly as much as I do... ;) And that makes her more awesome than any other chef in the world, lol.

Now, I know you guys are probably like... Amber... Your Rambling again... and yes, yes, I am... but I really stand behind this book and I want you guys to get a chance to enjoy it as much as I do... weather you win it here, or go out and buy it. But, before we get to the giveaway... I want to share the Banana Hot Dog Recipe that I shared with you yesterday!! We are doing this right now, but with Hawaiian Sweet Bread instead of a bun (cuz I dont have one, lol)

Makes 1 serving

1 banana, peeled
1 whole-wheat hot dog bun (or slice of bread in a pinch)
Creamy peanut butter

Place the peeled banana in a bun. Fill 2 zip-top baggies, 1 with jelly and the other with peanut butter. Cut a tiny hole in the corner of each bag, and squeeze out onto the banana as you would mustard and ketchup. Eat and enjoy."

This is totally the easiest one in the book and the boys are LOVING it... It was a ton of fun... Super cheap... and made with things that most people usually have laying around... Here is our little montage, lol
(click to open it up a little bigger)

The boys totally loved it... I did a couple things differently... the bread - not the best idea.... I would have been better off waiting for buns, the bread was falling apart... Score one for Jen, lol However... my little wheels were turning and Zave had some yogurt/oatmeal mix left over from breakfast so a smeared it on the bread like you would a condiment... it was a great way to use of the little bit of leftovers and add even more nutrition to it. Izzaq hates oatmeal but had he not been watching I would have done it on his too. He had a TON of fun squirting peanut butter all over the banana... & table... haha.. great project when theyre getting hungry & antsy... Last thing... I wish I would have cut the banana in half... the boys are only ages 2 & 3 and their little mouths cant wrap around the banana & bun... So halfway through zave ditched the bun. And it filled them up quick so they each only ate half... so had it been cut it would have been perfect... less mess & less left over. I hate wasting food. And a drool covered banana didnt sound so appetizing, haha

So thats it guys! Yes yes, it was a super long blog but worth it in the end! Cuz now its giveaway time... You want the book right?? Good, now go enter to win!
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