Free Giveaway: Mixtape Love toddler tee by HeatherJeany

*love*sigh*melts*sigh*wipes drool*

There are so many amazing things to say about Heather Jeany... that I honestly dont even know where to begin. Ariel over at the Off Beat Mama had a little shout out to this shop while back, and no doubt - she picked the right shop. Now - im not gunna tell you what i saw (right now) cuz Im gunna save the best for last... but lets just say it was love at first sight.
A lil from Heather: "Hi- my name is Heather Toupin, I live in a little house where I like to make little things. I collect forgotten odds and ends; bits of wire+ribbon, other people's shopping lists, broken baby dolls, old lace, ripped up photographs. Everything you see is hand printed, one by one, by me and my trusty Print Gocco. I use a lot of silly vintage clip art as well as my own artwork." And I gotta say... her detail shows. Check it out... In no particular order... my favorites...
The mix tapes love card... she sent me one of these... the quality is amazing... like no other handmade card I have ever seen... Im saving it to stash away in hubby's lunch box :) I leave him little love notes... so i will definitely be back for more of these... and at only $3 each?? Thats a steal...
Valentine Print... I think i NEED this... i dunno where in my house... maybe the bedroom... lots of black & red & damask... i think it'd fit... but all i know is I have been drooling since I saw it. And again... just $10 for a handscreened 8.5x11 piece of art? AMAZING!Faux Bois Tree Stump coasters... I dunno why i love these so much. I mean, Im kinda crunchy... but not like... "decorate the house in trees like a hippie" crunchy... but I would totally rock these... and last but most definitely not least (cuz i lied, these are my favorite) her mix tape t's... for the mama's...da daddies...
and.................. the babies :)*melt* the adorable baby definitely helps sell the shirt too... :) Speaking of adorable babies in the rad mix tape shirt... it seems I have a few of those too... thanks Heather for letting us try it out! Its our new favorite t :)

And because Heather is so insanely rad, cool, awesome, hip, fly - whatever you wanna call her, because all are true, she has allowed us to give one away to you!! One lucky winner will get their choice of baby mix tape onesie (with hearts 3 Month, 6 Month, 9 Month and 12 Month) or toddler t-shirt (2t, 4t, or 6t)! How stoked are you!? So you know the drill! HERE WE GO!

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