Favorites Friday - Sleeeeeeeeep......

Ugh, guys, let me have a pity party for a second... *wahhhh* IM SOOOOO TIRED!!*wahhhh* what a long week. Im SOO thankful to have my amazing new babysitter. Shes been working just as hard as I have. Every day this week I have worked at least 9 hours, just sewing non stop. I hands hurt, my legs hurt, my back & neck hurt... and i am FINALLY almost caught back up... SOOO happy. (and im sure and of you waiting on an order are too, lol) So here I sit tonight, the first minute I have had to do my favorites friday post and all i can think about is sleep. So what shall the topic be this week? Duh, SLEEPY TIME! This are all the things I would love to prep me and then snuggle me as I crawl into bed tonight...
(click to zoom in... DO IT!)

#1) BibBon - RIP Eye Mask
#2) AkashaCouture - Tea Party Alive Babydoll
#3) AVisionToRemember - Rock star queen size rag quilt
#4) OffBeet - Sleep Aromatherapy Soy Candle
#5) Cari4jc1 - Crochet Mary Jane Slippers (RockStar)
#6) HungryKnife - Pink Sheep (If I counted sheep... i would count pink ones.....)
#7) EmaandSprout - Sleepy Panda Dress
#8) MyOtherPrincess - Mini Bath Cupcake Bomb
#9) Needling - Cherry the Needling ( I have loved her for SOOO long.. someday ill break down & buy it.)
If any of you AMAZING featured sellers would like to host a review and giveaway please get in touch with me, we would LOVE to try out your product and im POSITIVE our readers would love to win one!

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